Sunday, August 12, 2012

Consolidation and Breakout Trading System

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As you well know, markets throughout the world are in a state of a volatility and confusion. 
Negativity reigns supreme. Where negative sentiment and confusion prevail, 
opportunity knocks loudly on the door and begs us to wake up and listen. 

More often than not most traders and investors DO NOT see opportunities as they develop. 
Several years ago my work clearly projected and my forecasts specifically predicted 
explosive rallies in the grain and soybean markets. The “experts” who study fundamentals 
were quick to ridicule my forecasts. Many producers were advised to hedge their crops
at or near the lows! Today the “experts” are bullish after having MISSED most of the moves. 

When I correctly predicted a bottom in the real estate market and I strongly recommended
housing stocks there were more naysayers. Today, they sing the praises of these stocks
long after the lows have been seen and big upmoves have been made. And I did it all with
technical indicators and price patterns. 

If my work is correct (and I believe it will be) then within a matter of months huge moves
could begin in the currencies, interest-rate futures, and energy futures. 
These markets will likely be more volatile than ever before and could easily make some
of their largest moves over the shortest period of time in the history of the markets. 


Unless you are prepared for what will happen you will miss most of these moves!
If your timing stinks then you will still miss the moves.
Nothing hurts worse than being right but NOT MAKING MONEY!

ENTER: Consolidation and Breakout! 
I intend to be one of the few who rides the coming  big wave to profits and I plan to do
it with my new system, CBO (Consolidation and Breakout).JOIN ME. But what is CBO?
The concept behind CBO is simple, but powerful and dynamic. It is based on the idea that when markets are ready to make major turns they will first consolidate for a period of time and then break out in one direction or another. 
And this can happen even within trending markets. 

I have developed the CBO system in 6 specific markets that I feel will be among the primary
participants in the next big wave. CBO is a COMPLETE trading system, 100% rule based, 
complete with stops, initial targets and trailing stops. And CBO is now entering what has
been its best time of the year. This corresponds with my seasonal and cycle triggers for 
the coming financial upheaval…uncanny how these confluences happen! 
CBO has had a great history.

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Jake Bernstein