Monday, January 25, 2010

Elite Traders Sessions V!

Starts Sat 13 Feb 2:PM PST
The ETS/5 runs for 8 weeks, 90 min ea. The weekly Elite Trader's Sessions has been a labor of love for me - and a dynamic learning experience for attendees. The feedback has been tremendous because I say things the way they are, I show upcoming trades (and why I take them), where I expect them to go, and how we enter and exit them - all with TOTAL CLARITY and 100% objectivity!

You will have an opportunity to ask me questions during the sessions in order to learn EXACTLY how all of this is done. I will cover futures, some stocks and forex... and I will cover spreads and spread timing. I will focus on a select and diversified group of markets...but we can see any market you want to see. We will use live charts and indicators on demand so that you can ask for any stock, commodity or forex to see the setups and triggers. I promise you a continued highly positive experience that will be of great value to you as well as my REAL TRADES with REAL MONEY in the ETS/5 account. I thank you for your continued interest and support as well as your very positive feedback.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cheap Stocks, Huge Moves, Big Bucks

While the public complains about the stock market and economy, there are huge moves happening frequently in low priced stocks. Let me show you three step-by-step, clear concise methods I created for: Finding, timing, trading & maximizing 'up moves' in low-price $15 or less stocks. These are not 'day-trades' nor 'short-sells', but rather 'short-term' 3-15 day trades.

Here's what I'll show you Wed 27 Jan 2010 at 4:PM-6:PM PST:
• How to find the stocks using a completely objective process
• How to use my new low priced stocks filter on Genesis™
• The filter will be available to you at no additional charge
• How to time entry and where to exist at a profit
• How to reduce risk exposure quickly
• Know your stop and risk of loss before you make the trade
• Examples and step by step instructions
• Complete clarity without any interpretation!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Live 2-Day Trading Webinar Sessions

Mon 11 Jan 6:AM-10:AM PST
Tue 12 Jan 6:AM-10:AM PST
2-Days, 4 Hrs Live with Jake ea Day

JOIN ME! for 2 unforgettable sessions of real trading with real money and professional objectivity. Win, lose or draw it will be a valuable learning experience. Take Advantage of stocks large opening process gaps with my NEW Day Trade the News (DTTN)™ Method!

My last two Short-term and Day Trading Webinars were well attended because I make it my goal to provide 100% objective methods and procedures that are designed to tilt the odds in YOUR FAVOR. In response to numerous requests I will host another Short-Term and Day Trading Webinar-but the approach will be very DIFFERENT in order to MAXIMIZE the learning experience.

Here's what we'll cover:
• I will teach three SPECIFIC day trade and short-term methods.
• I will use LIVE data, while the markets are open to show the signals.
• I will trade the signals real time in a real account from start to finish.
• I will ALSO SHOW YOU my NEW Trade the News (TTN) Method™ that will help you take advantage of large opening price gaps in stocks.
• MOST IMPORTANT of all the Webinar will be divided across two days to maximize the learning process so that you can see how I handle trades from one day to the next.