Friday, December 30, 2011

Advanced Trader's Sessions 2012

For several years I have been conducting my once weekly 90 minute
Elite Traders Sessions.

The sessions have featured detailed discussions of my trading methods for stocks,
futures spreads, trader psychology, discipline, organization, COT, timing triggers,
market structure, day trades, the Euro FX trade, the Friday-Monday gold trade,
risk management and much more.

The information I provided was clear, specific, objective and actionable.
I thank all those who sent me letters of thanks and praise, as well as those
who sent me suggestions.
I have had MANY requests to take the trading sessions to an even higher level
for more advanced traders, and those who have "graduated" and seek more methods,
more details, more trading patterns and more specifics.

Accordingly I will continue to conduct my Elite Traders Sessions on Saturdays,
but I will ADD a new series called:

Advanced Traders Sessions (ATS)
Sessions will be on Thursdays for 90 minutes - 6 sessions
Beginning 19 January 4:00 PM to 5:30 USA PST

Here is what I'll feature at ATS:

* NEW trading research, systems and methods
* NEW trading patterns (first time ever presented)
* Improved profit maximizing and trailing stop strategies (first time ever presented)
* Intermediate term timing using COT timing triggers (first time ever presented)
* Shorter term spread trading using seasonals
* Timing and swing trading spreads with divergence
* Intermediate term seasonals (first time ever presented)
* Higher frequency SWING trading using a unique channel method (first time ever presented)
* Using the Depth of Market method for maximizing entry and exit
* At least one DAY TRADING method for Tbonds and S&P (first time ever presented)
* Daily procedures for advanced and more active trading
* High focus and precision in trade selection
* And much more

My weekly Saturday ETS sessions will continue to provide trades, reviews of
completed trades, patterns and procedures and more.
Can you take the ETS and the ATS together?
Yes. ATS builds on the knowledge and specificity of ETS.
ATS is not recommended for beginners who have not attended the ETS program
or who are not familiar with my work but you CAN take both together and you'll get
the multiple Webinar discount (see the registration links below).*

Join me at yet another hands-on clear and concise learning experience without the "looks like,
" artistic, mumbo jumbo and interpretive nonsense that is so prevalent today.
Get REAL and SOLID objective and rule based tools you can use immediately
with clarity and confidence.

If you have questions please write me

Jake Bernstein

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day of Week Trading System Webinar - Dec 29

Dear Trader,

Andrew Black and I are pleased to announce a truly international, complimentary
90 MINUTE Trading Webinar, as Andrew in New Zealand, and I in the United States,
jointly present the underlying principles of my highly accurate
Day of Week trading pattern and system.
Whether or you decide to buy our new Day of Week MAX system (DOWMAX),
that provides daily very short term signals for 18 markets this gratis Webinar
will acquaint you with POWERFUL concepts that I developed within my
SETUP - TRIGGER - FOLLOW THROUGH model, and which Andrew so professionally
programmed and back tested into a solid system that covers all the bases from
entry to exit in one complete and 100% objective package.

Here is what we will show you:

* The DAY of WEEK concept - what it is and how it works
* Best and worst days of the week
* The POWER of close vs. open and its predictive value
* Exit strategies using First Profitable Open or Close
* Do's and Don'ts of back testing and optimization
* Limitations with continuous contracts and out of sample data
* How the Day of Week pattern can help your trading
* Details of the Day of Week MAX system: assets and limitations!

This will be a valuable learning experience for you... and there is no obligation
whatsoever, but SPACE IS LIMITED, since we want to allow for questions and answers...
we will only have 90 minutes to do all of this... so register now before all openings are gone!

Jake Bernstein


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Elite Traders Series 14 Begins 7 January 2012


In response to many requests I will begin another 8 session Elite Traders Series
on Saturday 7 January 2012. I have truly enjoyed the last 13 ETS's,
and I do believe you have learned from them.

ETS is designed to give you clear, 100% rule-based, specific and actionable procedures
all of them based on 6 specific trading strategies which will be taught,
reviewed, explained and clarified.



ETS /14 will focus on the following:

• HOW to find your trades daily
• The Friday-Monday Gold trade continued
• Day of Week trades-rules and application
• Fewer markets... but MORE FOCUS
• Spread and FOREX trades
• The DECISION MAKING process: what, when and how
• Markets and methods

The ETS 14 Sessions begin Saturday 7 January 2012,
and will run for 8 weeks,
for 120 minutes each week
2:00 – 4:00 PM (Pacific)

How to Avoid Confusion of Methods?
I will share my research with you regarding WHICH MARKETS are best suited to which METHODS.
Every week we will look at the list of markets with the method we have selected for each market.

Psychology Corner
Every week I will spend 10 minutes discussing trader psychology
as relevant to the events of the week, and as they may apply to the coming week.

Bonehead Moves!
I've seen traders make during the week.
Some of them may even be my own bonehead moves!
I will spend 5 minutes of each session showing you some of the bonehead
(stupid) or careless mistakes

Click here to register


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day of Week (DOWMAX) MAX Trading System

Day of Week (DOWMAX) MAX Trading System
from Jake Bernstein (in collaboration with Andrew Black)

In July 2009, I made my Day at a Time (DAT) very short-term trading system
available to serious traders.

I offered a limited number of DAT systems, and they sold out.

DAT has done well, going forward with over 76% accuracy for over 2 years after release.

But there is always room for improvement, and that is where Andrew Black
from New Zealand has helped me!

I've had many requests for another very short-term trading system
in the form of an even better version of DAT that uses the VERY POWERFUL
Day of Week Pattern, which forms the basis of the DAT system.

As one of the best mentoring students I have ever had the pleasure to work with,
Andrew Black impressed me with his analytical and system development skills,
as well as his quick grasp of my trading ideas.
(see Andrew's bio at the end of this announcement)

Using his considerable skills as an IT expert and accounting software specialist,
Andrew was able to take the knowledge I gave him about the Day of Week patterns
and systems, and add it to his analytical expertise to develop and refine
my Day of Week strategy to many markets that had previously eluded my expertise.

Andrew did an outstanding job. His back test and forward test, and out of sample histories,
blew me away. I had to check them over and over to make sure I was seeing
what I thought I was seeing.

His work was so outstanding that I asked him to go over his procedures
and results several times to make sure he was developing the system correctly.
And he was right at every juncture.

The reason I asked him to check and recheck his work was because the
trade histories for 2011 were stellar even though 2011 data was NOT SEEN
by the program as part of the optimization process!

I asked Andrew to develop the system fully on 18 markets using % stops and $ stops
and to allow users of the system to compare both approaches.

Why is DOWMAX such a significant system?

Here are some statistics to ponder…

I am pleased to announce my NEW and most thorough,
most diversified and most innovative SHORT-TERM TRADING SYSTEM,
Day of Week MAX (DOWMAX):

• Gives DAILY TRADING signals on 18 futures markets (see list below)

• You can use $ based stops or % based stops and COMPARE performance

• The system features markets that I have NEVER BEFORE
offered in trading system format (i.e. Lumber, Palladium, Platinum, Russell 2000, etc.)

• High accuracy with a full year of UNOPTIMIZED history

• Lengthy historical back testing

• 100% fully objective signals EVERY TRADING DAY

• Average length of trade is VERY SHORT TERM at 2.58 days!

What is my Day of Week concept and how does it Work?

My Day of Week (DOW) concept is simple.

It’s based on the research finding that there are certain price patterns in stocks
I have also found a pattern that is based on the relationship between the OPENING
and CLOSING price of a market. When these two patterns are combined with a TRIGGER,
a STOP LOSS and a PROFIT EXIT STRATEGY the result is impressive, very impressive!
and commodities that are related to the day of the week and its relationship to the next day.

But they are more than impressive in back testing – they have gone forward in out of sample data with amazing consistency as you can see from the historical record.

Day of Week MAX (DOWMAX) generates daily signals in the following markets with exact entry, exit, target and exit strategy:

Soybeans, Platinum, Euro FX, Copper, Gold, Russell 2000,
Swiss Franc, Coffee, Crude Oil, Lumber, Tbonds, Cotton,
Cocoa, US Dollar, Emini SP, Palladium, Wheat, Gasoline

As you can see, Day of Week MAX is widely diversified and it includes markets
I have never before offered in a trading system.
Because some of these markets are very low in trading volume
you may not be able to enter or exit at the prices used by the system
as ideal entries and exits so please be aware of this limitation.

The SYSTEM MANUAL provides specifics on how to handle low volume markets.

What the DOWMAX system includes:

• System Codes for Genesis

• Manual

• Daily email report of signals for 1 year

• Complete unlocked system code

• Technical Support

• Any upgrades

• % and $ stop loss options


Friday, November 11, 2011

2012 will likely be the most volatile year in market history...

If you thought my 2011 Forecast for huge volatility was on target...
then fasten your seatbelt...for the 2012 Forecast Webinar

Will inflation finally explode in 2012?

If you have been following my forecasts and indicators then you
were prepared for the big bull markets in commodities as well as
the record-breaking volatility, virtually across the board.
You were also advised well in advance that some markets,
(and I named names) would make explosive moves, and they did!
Now that 2012 is just around the corner it's time to assess where we are,
and where we're going over the next 12 months!

December 19, 4:00-6:00 PM PST.
Spend two valuable and detailed hours with me
and get my specific details on the following topics, and more:

• Market by Market Cycles Forecast for all major commodities
• Intermediate and long term forecast for the stock market and stock indices
• The Coming SURGE in interest rates: how high and when?
• Precious metals: soaring to a major top in 2012?
• Are explosive moves coming in the meats and meat related stocks?
• 6 Commodity ETF's for 2012 - if you dare trade them
• Specific stocks (not ETF's) for most commodity sectors
• Is 2012 the year for a natural gas explosion?
• Cocoa: the next market to soar in the commodity bull market?
• My 10 BEST seasonal trades for 2012: exact entry and exit dates and odds.
• INFLATION: the next crisis looms large
• Why the US dollar is the most gorgeous of the "uglies."
• Is the $25 mark in soybeans inevitable?
• How to trade record volatility that is surely coming
• The coming ETF crisis
• 6 High Odds spreads for 2012
• Can crude oil hit $125 in 2012?
• Harness the power of the biggest inflation in decades!
• And much more

Join me and get my unhedged, clear, no-holds- barred details.
2012 will likely be the most volatile year in market history - get my overview
and know what to expect. If you have seen the accuracy and clarity
of my previous forecasts then fasten your seatbelt
and make your reservation now.

Click here for details and to register

Best of trading!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trading Webinar for Chinese Traders and Investors

With over 43 years of experience teaching international students advanced trading methods
in stocks, currencies, and futures, Jake Bernstein is finally presenting his work exclusively
to Chinese audiences!

On Sunday, December 4th at 9:30 AM, Jake will hold his first bilingual webinar
exclusively for Chinese audiences. This interactive hour-long webinar
is completely free and open to the public. You need only register to participate.

Since 1972, Jake Bernstein has published 44 books including The Investor’s Quotient,
Seasonality: Systems, Strategies, and Signals, and The Compleat Day Trader, as well
as a massive number of research studies and newsletters on the international financial markets.
He has developed numerous technical, cyclical, and seasonal trading methods
through extensive computer back testing as well as live trading experience.
Jake Bernstein is also a consultant for large-scale financial institutions, brokerage firms,
short-term traders, and individual investors.

During Jake’s first China webinar, he will focus on the US stock, forex, and futures markets,
and explain his well-tested methods for trading these markets.

Among the topics he will cover are:

• Trading by the rules
• Trading with 100% objective methods
• The nature of the markets
• The fate of the typical trader
• Structured trading models
• Profit maximizing strategies
• The perpetuation of market myths
• Do brokers help or hurt?
• The profitability potential of the forex market
• The value of information, opinions, and news
• Impulsive behavior and how it affects profits
• Avoiding the danger of random market moves
• Risk management and setting appropriate stop losses
• Choosing markets that are appropriate for you
• Building discipline as a trader
• How to learn from your trading mistakes

With Jake’s extensive research into investor psychology, even seasoned traders
will learn important tips and tricks for building discipline and structure into their trading methods.

Please visit the following web address to register for the seminar:

or email to sign up today!


Jake Bernstein (杰克 伯恩斯坦)- 有超过43年的国际股票、外汇、期货培训经验,通过教授卓越的交易方法,使分布在全球各地的学生受益。
• 交易要有规则
• 用100%客观的方法交易
• 市场的本质
• 典型交易者的命运
• 交易模型的结构
• 利润最大化策略
• 关于市场的谬论
• 经纪人是帮助你还是伤害你?
• 外汇市场潜在的收益率
• 信息、观点和新闻的价值
• 冲动的表现及其对利润的损害
• 避免市场随机的变化产生的危险
• 风险管理和适时的停止亏损
• 选择适合你的市场进行交易
• 约束自己
• 如何从你的失误中学习


更多关于Jake Bernstein的信息请登录

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Generational Opportunities in Real Estate

My First Ever REAL ESTATE Webinar presented
with Jordan Wirsz, CEO, Jordan Wirsz International

7, 8,10 - NOVEMBER 2011
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday


The time to invest in real estate and real estate stocks is N0W
but where, and what, and how?
*These sessions will be recorded for ON DEMAND viewing.

Join Jordan and me for a 3 session Webinar
that will answer all your questions clearly,
comprehensively and objectively.

Here is what we will feature in this 3 PART SERIES -
90 minutes each session:

  • The amazing real estate cycle: what it’s saying now.
  • Why this may well be the BEST TIME TO BUY REAL ESTATE since the 1980’s
  • Big picture interest rates: WHY the near record lows in interest rates
    make this opportunity
    even better and more likely to happen as predicted
  • There are a few SOLID ways to take advantage of multi-generational opportunities
    to make MASSIVE $$$ in today’s real estate market. What are they?
  • There are dozens of ways to lose your shirt - how to AVOID them
  • Is another catastrophic real estate crash coming?
  • Is it time to run for the hills, or is it time to jump in? We will tell you and show you!
  • HOW, WHEN, WHAT, and WHERE to buy and sell in real estate in today’s environment
  • Flipping vs. Renting properties – which one is best and why and how to do it
  • How , when, and if to finance (leverage) your real estate!
  • Find out HOW to finance properties when very few banks want to lend!
  • IF you get this wrong, it will cost you tens of thousands of dollars!
  • The LAS VEGAS market: Learn what a Las Vegas real estate investor
  • Is doing to make windfall profits while others are losing their shirts in the same market!
  • Secrets of a veteran: How to make more from the same property
  • SIGNS and SIGNALS: what to watch for. How will we know when the turn has started
  • REITS – Real Estate Investment Trusts as an alternative to real estate – how to pick them
  • Stocks that may benefit from the coming housing boom!
  • Which futures markets could soar when the boom begins – is NOW the time?

Join Jordan and me in a 3-part Webinar (90 minutes each session) on
7, 8, 10 - NOVEMBER 2011, 4:30 - 6:00 PM PDT
for what we believe will be the best and most precise information
you can get on board for the coming explosive rally
in properties, real estate related stocks and commodities.

There are number of ways in which to participate in the coming HUGE RALLY
and we will give you our take on how to do it.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Biggest changes since 1972!

ANNOUNCING…The Jake Bernstein Weekly Capital Markets Report and Analysis

Dear Trader:

I am pleased to announce the most important changes to my weekly newsletter since1972!
Effective this week, the Weekly Commodity Trading Letter will change from
8 information packed pages to 10 focused pages of SOLID and ACTIONABLE
trading ideas, education and analysis, covering stocks, futures, FOREX,
economic trends, cycles, trading patterns and the Commitments of Traders analysis.

Here are some of the very relevant subjects that will be covered as they are applicable:

  • The Jake Bernstein Weekly Capital Markets Report –10 pages-covering futures, stocks, FOREX, COT and more (delivery by email and/or Internet)

  • Coverage of my favorite stock and futurespicks, timing, triggers and forecasts

  • MAJOR MOVES forecasts using my Commitments of Traders Analysis

  • Education Corner Weekly – so you can LEARN to do this on your own

  • The BEST seasonal moves and forecasts

  • Small Trader Sentiment Analysis and Commentary, when relevant

  • Highlights on coming secular and cyclical trend changes

  • Long-term and intermediate-term cycle forecasts

  • Commodity Spreads and Currency Spreads as well as Interest Rate Spreads

  • The DAILY recommendations hotline (beginning November)

  • All SPECIAL REPORTS issued during your subscription

  • The forthcoming Jake Bernstein 2012 FORECAST WEBINAR at no charge

  • And more…

You’ll get solid information based on my 43 + years of experience,
research and trading. Click here to subscribe.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 Year End Trading System Review

Jake Bernstein's Year End Systems Review 
& Year End Systems Sale
2011 Has been a GREAT YEAR for systems...
Click here to see how some of my systems fared! 

JBIT Jake Bernstein Intermediate-Term Trader
Released January 2011
It has been DRAMATIC! JBIT was long gold for the big move 
and went short before the big move down!
Only 4 copies of this great system are available.

BTI 2010 Jake Bernstein Trend Index system:
Released December 2008
BTI is based on my UNIQUE BTI Indicator!
Only 2 systems left – so get on board now!

DAT Day at a Time very short term trading system

Released July 2009
DAT has maintained over 83% accuracy with 2.3 days avg length of trade!

Jake Bernstein Momentum Volatility System
Released August 2010

System Details...
• All systems run under Genesis platinum or gold
• All systems are 100% objective and totally mechanical
• All systems back tested over many years
• All systems based on my trading methods and indicators
• All systems provide EXACT buy or sell signals, entry and exit prices 
• All systems have a stop loss and trailing stop
• Technical support - FREE upgrades when issued
• System sent by e-mail or on disk with installation and running instructions
• IF YOU DO NOT HAVE Genesis we can email signals to you

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jake Bernstein: Solving the Daily Trading Mystery

Dates for these sessions - to be announced.

Solving the daily trading mystery.

Do you really trade?
If so, then you know the issues and challenges you face every day.
How do you do it the right way?

  • Here are some of the issues you need to deal with and solve daily:
  • What to trade?
  • When to trade?How to determine risk
  • When to get out
  • How to maximize profits
  • What to do at the end of each day
  • How to plan your next day
  • How to find the trades
  • How to get organized
  • What procedure to use
  • How long to spend on your work every day
  • And many more...

Solve the daily mystery...end the frustration!
There are answers. There are specific, and objective answers!

While my answers may not be the best ones for you I believe they work...
and I know that they are 100% objective and rule-based.
I will share them with you in my FIRST EVER "What To Do Each Day" webinar.

Here is what I'll show you:

  • My daily procedure at end of day, step by step
  • How to ORGANIZE your trading
  • How to STREAMLINE the trade selection process
  • How to keep your updates and positions organized
  • How to know when and how to trail stops
  • We will look at new signals and current signals
  • I will show you an efficient daily procedure 2 days in a row
How the webinar will work:

We will meet after market closings and after end of day data has been posted-
Dates for these sessions - to be announced.

For 90 minutes I will go through my daily procedures showing you the items listed above.

I believe this webinar will help you get organized and clear while at the same time making your
daily procedures efficient and considerably less time consuming.

I believe this webinar will be of considerable value to you whether you are a day trader,
short-term trader or investor. As in all of my webinars, I will be clear, objective and concise.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Jake Bernstein: Interviews with Trading Luminaries


Adrienne Toghraie - Trading on Target
14 September 2011, 4:30 PM-6:00 PM (PDT)

Glen Larson - Pres. Genesis Financial Technologies,

21 September 2011, 4:30 - 6:00 PM (PDT)

Norman Hallett
28 September 2011, 4:30 - 6:00 PM (PDT)

John L. Person, and more... *

*Following be announced.

In May of 2012, I will have been involved in one form or another in trading or investing
for 44 years....and that's one heck of a long time!

I've done it all...seminars...webinars...magazine articles...Wall Street Week,

Bloomberg...CNBC...managed money...and so much more.

During my nearly half a century in this business I've seen it all...
from sleaze to quality, and from honesty to outright lies.

In all of this I've developed my FAVORITES: FAVORITE FAVORITE books...

my FAVORITE and more.

While my experiences may not be of direct benefit to you,
I believe that they can open some doors for you, and help you shut some doors.
I have also enjoyed great support from many people, while others have given me
negativity and ridicule. I appreciate the support many of you have given me
and I'd like to give back to you by giving you my new 6 part Webinar series
at NO CHARGE...with no strings attached.

In this series, which begins on 14 September (with an interview
with Adrienne Toghraie) I will personally interview some of my all time
favorite people who are involved in the markets, in one way or another.
And here's the twist...after I interview them they will interview me for 45 minutes
during the same session!

I believe that these interviews can give you some deep and some not so deep insights,
and views into the minds, methods and possibly even the hearts,
(assuming traders have hearts) of my favorite people.
It's a simple, but powerful concept, and you are invited to one,
or ALL of these totally free sessions.


...and please note that there IS A LIMIT to how many my webinar room can hold...
so do it now and avoid disappointment

Jake Bernstein

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Elite Trader's Sessions - Live Trading Webinar Series


In response to many requests I will begin
another 8 session Elite Traders series on 1 October 2011.
I have truly enjoyed the last 12 ETS's, and I do believe
you have learned from them.

If all you did was to trade my Friday-Monday gold pattern,
you would have paid for ETS many times over.

If all you did was to trade the seasonals or the EuroCurrency pattern,
you would have done even better
than the Friday - Monday gold pattern did...but that's not the best part of ETS.
What I want ETS to do is to give you clarity, tools, profit maximizing strategies,
and solid, real, actionable research and trades,
with as close to 100% objectivity as possible!

Making Some Changes...
This ETS will focus on the following:

* HOW to find your trades daily
* The Friday - Monday Gold trade continued
* 2 NEW Day of Week trades - rules and application
* Fewer markets... but MORE FOCUS
* The 10 BEST SPREADS - low risk, high potential reviewed each week
* The DECISION MAKING process: what, when and how
* COT major changes review... every 2 weeks
* Seasonal trades for the week and month
* Position sizing: when to increase - when to decrease
* Markets and methods (see below)

The ETS LUCKY 13 Sessions begin 1 October 2011,
and will run for 8 weeks, for 90 minutes each week - 2:00 - 3:30 PM PDT