Friday, December 28, 2012

P.O.W.A. Trading Webinar

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Place your Orders and Walk  Away 

Get 2013 off to a GREAT START!
Jake Bernstein | POWA Trading Webinar 
Join me for 3 Consecutive Mornings for 60 minutes

22, 23 and 24 January 2013

5:30 AM - 6:30 AM USA Pacific Time


* How to place your orders in the morning and WALK AWAY

* How to FIND stock and futures trades each day and STOP WATCHING
  the stupid machine
* How to set TARGETS, STOPS and entry / exit orders
* 2 EXACT short-term and swing trade methods I will use for these trades

* Watch me enter real orders in one of my accounts based on the PROCESS
  I will teach you
* Watch me follow up orders each day with targets, stops and follow through
* See the day to day consistency and procedure
* See how to do this consistency and with maximum discipline

This is NOT a Day Trading Webinar although some of these trades may turn out 
to be day trades. The emphasis is short term trades in stocks and futures

These are real time real trades with real money, real profits and real losses
backed up my 100% objective real methods and procedures.

So join me for THREE consecutive days... and watch the consistency,
procedure and methods. 

Overcome some of the biggest obstacles to success with clarity and objectivity.

All 3 Sessions...recorded for later viewing.

If you can't attend then see the recorded sessions.  
And if you do attend you can review all sessions on demand.

This is the REAL DEAL

I won't bother you with the kind of vague, could be, should be, looks like,
 maybe, seems like, interpretive nonsense that has infected the Internet these days. 

You will get clarity and consistency, and though I will not guarantee profits,
I WILL assure you a positive and productive solid learning experience.  

Learn how to deal with the facts and methods while shutting our the noise
and the nonsense.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Market Mastery Series 4 - 100% Objective, Rule-based Trading Methods

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The feedback I have received from you is very much appreciated 
and encourages me to announce my next webinar series, 
Market Mastery Series IV, which will begin on Saturday 12 January 2013. 

And that should be just in time for an examination of the
January CRITICAL MONTH set ups and triggers (to be taught at MMS IV).

Many of you have taken the time to write to me expressing not only
your appreciation for the ETS and MMS sessions, but also informing me
of the fact that I have made a real and lasting contribution to your trading...
And that really gives me great joy!

I have truly enjoyed the ETS and MMS sessions, and I have also
learned from them. I have solidified the knowledge I already have,
and I have learned many new things from your questions. 

Still, however, it is difficult to distill over 44 years of my market experience
into a series of 90 minute sessions each week, no matter how arduously
I might attempt to be clear, objective,rule-based, and specific. 

After thinking about whether I want to do another series of webinars 
I decided that I would only do so if I could bring something
more meaningful, more educational, more instructive,
and more specific to you. 

In so doing I developed the agenda for my new: 

Market Mastery Webinar Series IV 
Here's what we will do...

  • We will meet on Saturdays (USA) weekly for 90 minutes.
  • FOCUS will be on 6 different diversified markets including 
    currencies, metals, financials and agricultural commodities. 
  • Emphasis will be on OBJECTIVITY, RESULTS and 100% CLARITY
  • I will also include FOREX, spreads and stocks in my stable of markets.
Based on your very excellent input and suggestions...
I will change the weekly format to the following:
  • The first 15-20 minutes will review trades selected from the last session. How did they turn out? 
  • The next HOUR will focus on ONE TOPIC in detail. Topics will include 
  • precise trading system and methods, ALL RULE BASED.
  •  A few examples of topics are: day of week high odds trades, high odds seasonals, swing trades, day trades, CMC method, system trading and development tools, profit maximizing strategies, new pattern research, obercoming psychological and behavioral issues etc.
  • The last 15 minutes will be my trades for the coming week...
I will invite your input, questions and concerns in the decision-making process.

PROCESS will be the key ingredient in what we do. I want you to see
how I approach the decision-making process logically, intelligently,
 and from a risk-based perspective which includes setup trigger and follow-through.

We will track all trades from start to finish precisely and accurately 

MY GOAL is to show you how we accomplish all of this professionally, 
operationally, objectively, and without emotion.

Where possible I will also show lower risk alternative strategies for trades
 that may require larger risk. 

As always, I invite your questions about the new series...
and I look forward to seeing you there,  in what promises to be the most
 educational and exciting webinar-based sessions I have offered to date, 
and I will encourage input, questions and participation 
in the decision-making process. 

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Jake Bernstein

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6-2-4 Winning Strategies and Systems | Ebook - 2nd Edition

165 pages of VALUABLE insights, systems, methods and indicators 
...designed for serious commodity and stock traders! 

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6-2-4 Winning Strategies and Systems Manual - 2nd Edition
6 of my most powerful,most accurate trading methods in futures & stocks.
2 of my best trading systems, and...
4 of my highest accuracy timing indicators. 

Why spend big bucks on useless tools?
Why trade with indicators that DON’T WORK?
Why WASTE precious time with bad methods?
Why not get the benefit of my 40+ years of experience?
Why throw good money to bad by using worthless systems?

At last a DEFINITIVE and COMPREHENSIVE special Manual that can help you overcome
the most serious limitations to success.Get the BEST of the BEST systems, methods 
and timing indicators that I have researched and used in my more than 40 years of 
trading and market analysis. 

Over 40 years of trading, research and teaching traders have given me a unique edge
and perspective on the markets. I have tested, traded, and/or researched literally hundreds
of methods, systems and indicators. I have spent the major part of my life learning, trading,
teaching and refining my methods. 

My new 6-2-4 Winning Strategies and Systems Manual
can change your life by allowing you to tap into my vast fund of market knowledge.
The scope is huge, covering everything from systems and methods to timing indicators,
psychology, risk management and more. If you’re serious about trading...
then you need this breakthrough report! 

The new 6-2-4 Manual includes:

How to use MACD divergence correctly for maximum results and as a momentum confirmation 

Momentum divergence: setup, triggers and follow- through in all time frames 

Using the 5 BAR MAC pattern for short-term profits in stocks and commodities

The 2 and 3 day BREAKAWAY GAP method alerts you to major moves as well as short-term swings 
How the FLATBASE BREAKOUT triggers BIG moves

Using the COMMITMENT of TRADERS report to spot major moves BEFORE they begin

How to use the SETUP - TRIGGER and FOLLOW-THROUGH method in all markets

Combining Time Frames: Does it work and if so when and how?

Spotting markets that are being accumulated by professionals

Why professionals DON’T want you to make money

How to maximize profits by trading in units of three -- detailed examples and rules