Monday, December 7, 2009

Elite Trader Sessions IV

Real Trades! & Real Money! By popular demand I am offering ETS/4 with some significant changes in format. The weekly ETS (Elite Trader's Sessions) has been a labor of love for me - and a dynamic learning experience for attendees. The feedback has been tremendous because I say things the way they are, I show upcoming trades (and why I take them), where I expect them to go, and how we enter and exit them - all with TOTAL CLARITY and 100% objectivity!

My goals with the ETS/4 are:
• To show you HOW & WHY & WHEN & WHAT to trade with 100% OBJECTIVITY & TOTAL CLARITY & HOW to expand on the methods traded!
• To help you AVOID the common and not so common drawbacks!
• To help you LEARN how to make the markets work for you!
• To TEACH you how so you won't need me! To keep things REAL!
• NEW! Live charts and indicators on demand so that you can ask for any stock, commodity or forex trade to see the setups and triggers!

Join us: Sat 19 Dec '09 at 2:PM PST
The ETS/4 will run for 8 weeks, 90 min ea. You will have an opportunity to ask me questions during the sessions in order to learn EXACTLY how all of this is done. I will cover futures, some stocks and forex, and I will cover spreads and spread timing. I will focus on a select and diversified group of markets, but we can see any market you want to see. I promise you a continued highly positive experience that will be of great value to you as well as my REAL TRADES with REAL MONEY in the ETS/4 Account!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Investing in China

What happens in China will significantly impact ALL MARKETS WORLDWIDE.
While many investors, professional and individual have flocked to China as the new area of huge profits, there are some SERIOUS and GROWING risks in the Chinese markets and these risks are not only financial but political as well!
09 Dec 2009 4:-5:30 PM PST

I will address such vital issues as:
• What is the intermediate-term outlook for the Chinese markets?
• Fate of the Chinese Yuan (RMB) currency
• What Chinese stocks to BUY now
• What Chinese stocks to AVOID now
• Can we trust Chinese accounting methods?
• How will the massive Chinese holdings of US debt be resolved?
• Can the Chinese freight train of economic growth continue?
• My 5 BEST Chinese stock picks
• What technical indicators work best on Chinese stocks
• Is the Chinese market manipulated?
• ...and much, much more!

Since I believe that what happens in China has the potential to impact all markets POSITIVELY, as well as NEGATIVELY, you MUST become educated in the Chinese markets and their technical aspects. BECAUSE I BELIEVE THAT ALL INVESTORS AND TRADERS SHOULD ATTEND THIS VITAL WEBINAR-I HAVE KEPT THE PRICE VERY LOW!

JOIN ME 09 Dec '09 (4:00-5:30 PM PST), for an unforgettable session ON THIS VERY TIMELY SUBJECT.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The 1970's on Steroids !!

Is Massive Inflation Looming?

One of my most POWERFUL LEADING indicators, the COT is forecasting amazing, unbelievable, pervasive, heretofore unseen rallies in commodity prices. The possibilities are shocking! I believe that we are on the verge of moves that may well be similar, but they are likely to start from much higher levels!


Governments all over the world are feeding the liquidity addiction by printing money to rescue the sinking economic ship. The addicted patient is being sustained on financial heroine like never before Unprecedented money printing may well bring unprecedented price moves across the board More money chasing the same or fewer goods is how we define inflation. Gold is telling us that right now! Attend my 1970's on Steroids Webinar and learn what I'm expecting; when and what to do NOW to make the most of what's soon to unfold.

Here's the agenda:
• What the COT Commercials leading indicator is saying now
• Which markets could make 500% moves
• Gold at $2500 +
• Silver, platinum and palladium - explosive rallies coming
• Natural Gas - best of the energies?
• Interest rates are DIRT CHEAP and that won't last much longer
• Real Estate: "steal of the decade"?
• Is farmland better now than ANY other real estate investment?
• Lumber - even if you hate it I expect a 400% + move - but when?
• But when when when and how how how to spot the turns
• Time to BUY and hold is approaching
• Can interest rates easily DOUBLE or more?
• The US dollar could soar again! Am I crazy?
• and much, much more!

REGISTER NOW! for my 2-Hour 'The 1970's on Steroids' Inflation Webinar Wed 02 Dec 6:-8:PM PST which could bring you the best advice you have ever had and better yet, I'll tell you why I see what I see so YOU can see it TOO!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Trading Solutions Webinar

How will it Work?
I will begin with a brief (15 min) talk on trading troubles and solutions, then I will open the session to questions from each attendee one at a time. If too many traders sign up, I will add sessions so that no session is too crowded to allow your participation. This session is dedicated entirely and exclusively to solutions.

By seeing the questions and issues other traders have and by hearing the answers WE WILL ALL LEARN! That's it - plain and simple.

While I may not have all the answers I do have many good ones. I'll be direct, clear and I won't pull any punches. I'll keep it real and direct and you'll get honest answers you can use. And if I don't have an answer I'll try and get you one. Join me on Sat 21 November 2009 from 2-4:PM PST!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Live All Day Trading Session

Mon 16 Nov 2009
6:AM - 1:PM PDT

We will focus on three (3) markets: E-Mini S&P, and Gold or a Currency, or possibly a Grain or Meat depending on conditions, AND several stocks for a completely mindless, brainless day trading using an approach that requires very little attention once the trade has been entered. The session will include 'Real-time entry and exits', and you get to watch me actually placing the orders in my accounts to be used specifically for this purpose.

I will show my active desktop and charts tick by tick as I determine the trades, and include a written synopsis 2 DAYS BEFORE the Webinar containing details of the 3 methods I will use for the day trades with ALL THE DETAILS of my SETUP, TRIGGER and FOLLOW THOUGH plan for each method. All my methods, procedures and plans will be 100% objective, with the exception of one exit strategy for which there will be several objective alternatives clearly detailed for you in advance.

The session will be thoroughly objective and comprehensive day of education and live trading that should be of considerable benefit to you as further learning in your efforts. Questions & Answers will be part of the session, by written online message as usual and possibly by voice.

JOIN ME for an unforgettable session of real trading with real money and professional objectivity. Win, lose or draw it will be a learning experience for you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I rarely present Webinars on only one market. The last such webinar was my GO FOR THE GOLD bullish forecast that was given PRIOR to the big gold move.

And now, given what I see developing in the ENERGY MARKETS, I have some very specific and possibly amazing forecasts to share with you on all energies including alternative energy.

Thu 29 Oct 2009 12:PM PDT, I will spend 90 mins showing you the following timely & potentially explosively important topics concisely & clearly:
• How will an energy explosion affect metals and interest rates?
• Is uranium a good choice or a waste of your time and money?
• What the long-term cycles are telling us in the energies?
• Will a severe sell off develop before the big bull move?
• Is natural gas still my best pick for a record upmove?
• 10 Energy stocks to consider now for 300% + moves!
• Specific timing triggers & specific price targets,
• ALTERNATIVE ENERGY PLAYS: Which ones are best?
• Five Alternative Energy Stocks,
• Can prices triple over the next 18 months?
• Economic implications of an energy price explosion,
• Will the big money be in the energy services industry?
• Geo-political implications of an energy price explosion
• Your 5-year Energy Investment Strategy for maximum gains,
• ...and much more!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NEW! Elite Traders Sessions III

Begins Sat 24 Oct '09 & Run's 8 Weeks! My goals with the ETS/3 are:
• Help you AVOID common & not so common roadblocks to success and
• Help you learn how to make the markets work for you, so you won't need me.
• Keep things REAL, I won't use words "like", "might", "could", "interpret" etc.
• To show you HOW, WHY, WHEN & WHAT to trade with 100% OBJECTIVITY and to expand on successful trading methods.

The Weekly ETG (Elite Trader's Group) has been a labor of love. The feedback has been tremendous because I say things the way they are. I show upcoming trades - why I take them - where I expect them to go,and how we enter and exit them - all with TOTAL CLARITY and 100% objectivity. And many of the trades have been huge winners. By popular demand I am offering one last session of the ETS with some changes in format. I will focus on a select and diversified group of markets. You will have an opportunity to ask me questions during the sessions in order to learn EXACTLY how all of this is done. I will cover futures primarily, but some stocks as well... and I will cover spreads and spread timing.

In sum total I promise you a highly positive experience that will be of great value to you. If you have previously attended my ETG or ETS sessions, I'm offering you a considerable discount on ETS3.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Want to trade the right way? Trading but you can't seem to get ahead of the game? Feel as if you aren't achieving the success you know you can achieve? Spend hours on the markets every day without real results?
You need my NEW 3-PART WEBINAR!

Believe me, after 41 years in the stock and commodity markets, I KNOW exactly what it takes to achieve consistent success as a trader. The sad part is that in my view... ALL OF THE TOOLS ARE AVAILABLE, TEACHABLE & LEARNABLE. Join me and learn the following 100% Objective Tools for Consistent Trading & Investing Success!

Part 1: THE OVERVIEW to 'Doing it Right' - Tu 13 Oct 5-6:30 PM PDT
Part 3: THE TRADING PLAN - Mo 19 Oct 5-6:30 PM PDT
~ Sessions are 90 mins in length & recorded for later viewing.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Next Four MONSTER Trades

On 08 Sep 09, I presented my one hour 'Go for the Gold Webinar'. I gave you SPECIFIC TRADES - exact to the date of entry and exit. The Gold and Silver markets did EXACTLY what I expected. So what's next?
I have 4 more BIG KAHUNAS for you:

Which way will they move, when and how much?
Join us on Sun 27 Sep 6:00-7:30 PM PDT to find out! I will provide 90 min of precision trading recommendations, naming names, targets, dates (when possible), futures, and stocks that could help you SCORE BIG when the next 4 MONSTER trades develop!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Trading System Development III Webinar

Develop and keep a new and effectively back-tested trading system - proven on out-of-sample data. Level 1 & 2 were so successful, I have had numerous requests to continue. Accordingly I invite you to attend Trading System Development Level 3. We will develop yet another new trading system which will be yours to keep! Advanced Online Video. Data disc avail upon request for shipping fee.

Session 1: Tue 22 Sep 3:00-4:30 PM PDT
Session 2: Thu 24 Sep 3:00-4:30 PM PDT
Session 3: Mon 28 Sep 3:00-4:30 PM PDT

• Each Session will be 90 minutes in length

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Go for the Gold & Silver - New Webinar

Tue, 08 Sep 2009, 5:00 - 6:00 PM PDT

The time is rapidly approaching for what has been
The SINGLE BEST GOLD & SILVER Trade of the Year!

Not only are the odds high but the moves have been large! The stage is being set for another move this year both in gold and in silver. BUT THERE'S A LOT MORE TO IT THAN THAT! It is entirely possible that the gold and silver seasonal rallies this year could mark the start of much bigger cyclical rallies that could take gold to new all time highs very quickly. I've kept the price low and the information solid!

Here's what I'll show you:
• EXACTLY when to get long Gold, Silver & Mining Stocks seasonals.
• 5 Mining Stocks that could Double or Triple Quickly!
• TWO options Strategies to Reduce your Risk Dramatically
• A Play in Palladium that could be Even Better than Gold or Silver!
• The Near-term and Long-term Price & Trend Forecasts, and More!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Melbourne AU 2009

Melbourne AU Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2009

In the 1980's I was among the first traders to pioneer real-time trading seminars. Now I plan to break into new high ground! Now I will present the ULTIMATE Real-Time, Short-Term & Day-Trading Seminar in Melbourne.

My Real-Time Day-Trading Seminar leaves nothing to your imagination.
Everything you learn will be SPECIFIC, CLEAR, UNHEDGED & CONCISE. Never again will you have to sit & think too long about what trades to make, when to make them, when to get in, when to get out, or when to add to your position, or what stops to use.

I Will Teach You No Less Than 4 Fantastic Short-Term & Day-Trading Systems. On Saturday & Sunday you'll learn the system signals & rules. Then on Monday, I will trade these systems as you watch & learn. Trade with me if you like - trade against me if you dare! I will use REAL MONEY & make REAL TRADES... exactly according to the methods you'll learn on Saturday & Sunday.

There is No Better Way To Learn
As a veteran trader, teacher of futures trading, author of more than 38 books, systems developer & market analyst, I've learned what works & what fails. My experience spans nearly four decades. I have taught traders throughout the world. Due to their specificity & international popularity my books have been translated into several foreign languages. Learn how to day trade with confidence & consistency, attend this valuable seminar.

Space is Strictly Limited, First Come-First Served, No Exceptions!
I reserve the right to refuse admission to my competitors. In order to provide you with the intensive training I offer I must limit the size of the class. Space is limited. At this price, which includes all 3 days, all materials as well as Continental Breakfast & Lunch Daily. This is your BEST BARGAIN around for 3-Days of Rock Solid Information! (Discount Avail to Genesis Clients, Call Me!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Mother of All Commodity Bull Markets!

Well ahead of the HUGE rally in bank stocks, I recommended them... the forecasts were specific, correct and timely. I now have strong technical evidence, as well as cyclical patterns, that tell me we may be on the verge of THE MOTHER OF ALL COMMODITY BULL MARKETS!
click for more info

Am I crazy? Have I lost my senses? How can I expect something like that when the prevailing opinions are that the opposite will happen? What do I think I know that some of the most well known economists don't know? Frankly, most of those ivory tower academics were dead wrong before the decline, during the decline, before the rally... and they're still wrong. Why? Where were they when the crisis, seething deep below the surface of a sorely mismanaged and politically expedient economic policy, was burying world economies?

Do fasten your seatbelt. The wild ride that is likely to begin BEFORE the end of this year could be launched by an UTTERLY EXPLOSIVE RISE IN GOLD VERY SOON.

Join me. I will alert you to what may well be THE BIGGEST moves in the history of many markets. If you think my work was correct in forecasting the current moves then YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!

Cycles Through 2020 Now Avail!

Announcing the limited edition
"Cycles Through 2020" A Comprehensive Analysis of the Unprecedented Expectations, an analytical report with select full market cyclical price histories is now available for purchase! Distribution is limited to 250 copies.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Meanderings and Musings

Beginning this month, and every month for the next year, on the last Sunday of the month, I will take my computer out to the woods behind my home high in the Santa Cruz mountains of California, directly above the Pacific Ocean and I will talk to you. There, deep in the glorious towering redwoods I will share with you my musings, meanderings, thoughts, lessons learned and suggestions about the relationship between money, markets and mankind. I may talk for an hour, or even two hours.

My goal is to freely associate what I have learned in over 40 years in the markets. Lessons I have learned not only about trading and money but about how all of these fit into the totality of who we are, how we are, what we are and how we can be the best at what we do.

I will share with you some of my most memorable experiences as a trader with the goal of teaching you what each of these educational experiences has taught me and how I have used every one of them to grow and improve. I may ruffle some feathers.
I may anger some people in the trading world but I'm too old now to care about who likes or dislikes me or what I do or say. Some things need to be said no matter who they hurt or anger or how irreverent they may be. What will I talk about?

Anything and everything about money, markets mankind, our quest for profits, trading, investing, the follies of humanity in the quest for wealth, religion and money, politics and money, how to make and lose money and so much more. I will not limit myself to any subject - there will be no taboos and I will make no apologies to anyone for anything I say since it will all come from the heart and mind.

I will tell you about the people and traders I have met, and how they have influenced my life and trading in positive and/or negative ways. I will talk about people in the business who like my work and who hate my work and why. I will share with you lessons learned from profits and from losses. And I wil ltell you what has brought me my many successes and my few failures.

You will find my meanderings to be a breath of fresh air from the fresh air of the redwood forest up here in Santa Cruz. You may find my words to be challenging or they may anger you. But they WILL MAKE YOU THINK. Join me for the next 12 months and enjoy the process.

When? Within 24 hours after I record each session you will receive on line file access to the recording I have done. There will be no charts, no graphs, no visuals, just me and my thoughts. And within a few days thereafter I will send you the session on DVD so that you may have a permanent copy. I'm loving the idea. Join me in this great new adventure.

To subscribe to my monthly audio journal CLICK HERE