Friday, July 31, 2009

Meanderings and Musings

Beginning this month, and every month for the next year, on the last Sunday of the month, I will take my computer out to the woods behind my home high in the Santa Cruz mountains of California, directly above the Pacific Ocean and I will talk to you. There, deep in the glorious towering redwoods I will share with you my musings, meanderings, thoughts, lessons learned and suggestions about the relationship between money, markets and mankind. I may talk for an hour, or even two hours.

My goal is to freely associate what I have learned in over 40 years in the markets. Lessons I have learned not only about trading and money but about how all of these fit into the totality of who we are, how we are, what we are and how we can be the best at what we do.

I will share with you some of my most memorable experiences as a trader with the goal of teaching you what each of these educational experiences has taught me and how I have used every one of them to grow and improve. I may ruffle some feathers.
I may anger some people in the trading world but I'm too old now to care about who likes or dislikes me or what I do or say. Some things need to be said no matter who they hurt or anger or how irreverent they may be. What will I talk about?

Anything and everything about money, markets mankind, our quest for profits, trading, investing, the follies of humanity in the quest for wealth, religion and money, politics and money, how to make and lose money and so much more. I will not limit myself to any subject - there will be no taboos and I will make no apologies to anyone for anything I say since it will all come from the heart and mind.

I will tell you about the people and traders I have met, and how they have influenced my life and trading in positive and/or negative ways. I will talk about people in the business who like my work and who hate my work and why. I will share with you lessons learned from profits and from losses. And I wil ltell you what has brought me my many successes and my few failures.

You will find my meanderings to be a breath of fresh air from the fresh air of the redwood forest up here in Santa Cruz. You may find my words to be challenging or they may anger you. But they WILL MAKE YOU THINK. Join me for the next 12 months and enjoy the process.

When? Within 24 hours after I record each session you will receive on line file access to the recording I have done. There will be no charts, no graphs, no visuals, just me and my thoughts. And within a few days thereafter I will send you the session on DVD so that you may have a permanent copy. I'm loving the idea. Join me in this great new adventure.

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