Wednesday, December 30, 2015

See Jake Bernstein at the Traders Expo New York - Feb 21

Join me for my presentation:
Real Trading Tools for Real Traders
Sunday, , February 21
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST

Refine Your Futures and Options Trading Skills
and Get New Trade Ideas

Join me, Jake Bernstein at The Traders Expo New York, February 21-23,
for three days of first hand mentoring from myself and 70+ elite traders.


There will be live trading sessions, product demos, hands-on access
to trading platforms, and exclusive discounts.

There’s also programming created specifically for options and futures traders,
with everything from proven analysis techniques, high-probability set-ups for
day and swing trading, and option strategies to fit any objective.

Take a look at the optional paid-for event that I'll be presenting at the
conference, plus, register FREE to gain access to all of the free workshops
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Don't miss out on the most interactive trader event in the country!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Easy Way To Day Trade | Webinar

You asked for it and now it’s back!

Jake Bernstein presents
The Easy Way to Day Trade WEBINAR
3 SESSIONS: 24, 25, 26 JANUARY  2016

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Dear Trader,

I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to day trade.
The bad news is that it’s harder than ever to day trade. What the heck does that mean?
What kind of doubletalk is that? It’s really simple. Day trading is easier than ever because
software is more powerful, commissions are the lowest ever, price executions are the fastest ever,
and price movements are frequent and plentiful. On the other hand, competition is more fierce t
han ever, volatility means that larger stops are necessary, the geopolitical backdrop often causes
large and frequently unpredictable price movements, and constant attention to your trades is
critical to success.

It Makes Me Very Sad
Almost every day I get email from new traders who want the secret to successful daytrading.
It makes me sad to know that the overwhelming majority of these newcomers will lose their money
very quickly. It makes me sad to know that they have been misled into thinking that day trading
is their key to wealth and success. It makes me sad to know that they believe they have a chance
to be successful in competing with some of the best, most experienced, most technologically
advanced, and best capitalized traders in the world. You can’t just walk into the high-stakes poker room
at a Las Vegas casino believing that with no experience and no skills you can compete with the
best players in the world. It’s absolutely ludicrous! And yet I see them come every day with a
small amount of money in their pockets, great hope, and huge ignorance. The good news is that the
situation is not hopeless. What to do?

Knowledge Is Power But Not Without Skill

You can have the most powerful trading tools in the world, however, unless you not use them
you will be a loser. Unless your procedures and organization and capitalization are correct,
good trading methods will not help you. Unless you have a profit maximizing strategy and
risk management strategy, your trading tools will help you.

Unless you have the time and commitment to daytrading, most of the tools out there won’t help you.
Having a great or even a good trading methodology is the beginning of the process not the
end of the process.

How DayTrading Seduces Traders

It’s the great American dream! Begin with nothing and create success. Is it still possible?
How about beginning with a different goal? How about approaching daytrading as an organized
business with specific rules and procedures? How about beginning the process with baby steps
and progressing to the stature of a giant? The lure of daytrading has been perpetuated by system sellers, brokers, charlatans, seminar presenters, and others who would love nothing more than to separate
you from your cash. Many of them don’t even trade! Being a day trader or thinking you’re a day trader
or saying you're a day trader has a certain appeal to it. Imagine that: buying and selling things that don’t
exist with money you don’t have. What a concept!

Remember that the concept is pure, but the reality is messy.
Let me show you how to harness reality.

Join Me for Three Detailed Lessons on Day Trading the Easy Way

Now that I’m 69 years old, my priorities have evolved to the extent that efficiency, ease of execution,
and more bang for the buck are tops on my list. I like to work smart, not hard. Many of you have
asked me to share my best and most efficient daytrading methods with you; methods that are efficient,
easy to implement, and not labor or time intensive. I will do exactly that in my three-session
day trading webinar.

 Here are the details:

Session 1: SUNDAY, 24 JANUARY - 4:00-5:30 PM PST

•    3 Day Trading Methods: Details, Rules, Examples

•    Trades for tomorrow

•    Order entry and execution

•    Which markets / stocks are best?

•    Managing risk and margin

Session 2: MONDAY 25  JANUARY - 6:00-8:00 AM PST

•    Entry and exit examples

•    Live charts and signals

•    Setups, triggers and follow through

•    What to expect

•    Trades for tomorrow

Session 3: TUESDAY 26 JANUARY - 6:00-8:00 AM PST

•    What trades have triggered

•    Summary of yesterday

•    Entry and exit examples

•    Live charts and signals

•    Setups, triggers and follow through

•    What to expect

•    Trades for tomorrow



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