Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jake Bernstein: Solving the Daily Trading Mystery

Dates for these sessions - to be announced.

Solving the daily trading mystery.

Do you really trade?
If so, then you know the issues and challenges you face every day.
How do you do it the right way?

  • Here are some of the issues you need to deal with and solve daily:
  • What to trade?
  • When to trade?How to determine risk
  • When to get out
  • How to maximize profits
  • What to do at the end of each day
  • How to plan your next day
  • How to find the trades
  • How to get organized
  • What procedure to use
  • How long to spend on your work every day
  • And many more...

Solve the daily mystery...end the frustration!
There are answers. There are specific, and objective answers!

While my answers may not be the best ones for you I believe they work...
and I know that they are 100% objective and rule-based.
I will share them with you in my FIRST EVER "What To Do Each Day" webinar.

Here is what I'll show you:

  • My daily procedure at end of day, step by step
  • How to ORGANIZE your trading
  • How to STREAMLINE the trade selection process
  • How to keep your updates and positions organized
  • How to know when and how to trail stops
  • We will look at new signals and current signals
  • I will show you an efficient daily procedure 2 days in a row
How the webinar will work:

We will meet after market closings and after end of day data has been posted-
Dates for these sessions - to be announced.

For 90 minutes I will go through my daily procedures showing you the items listed above.

I believe this webinar will help you get organized and clear while at the same time making your
daily procedures efficient and considerably less time consuming.

I believe this webinar will be of considerable value to you whether you are a day trader,
short-term trader or investor. As in all of my webinars, I will be clear, objective and concise.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Jake Bernstein: Interviews with Trading Luminaries


Adrienne Toghraie - Trading on Target
14 September 2011, 4:30 PM-6:00 PM (PDT)

Glen Larson - Pres. Genesis Financial Technologies,

21 September 2011, 4:30 - 6:00 PM (PDT)

Norman Hallett
28 September 2011, 4:30 - 6:00 PM (PDT)

John L. Person, and more... *

*Following be announced.

In May of 2012, I will have been involved in one form or another in trading or investing
for 44 years....and that's one heck of a long time!

I've done it all...seminars...webinars...magazine articles...Wall Street Week,

Bloomberg...CNBC...managed money...and so much more.

During my nearly half a century in this business I've seen it all...
from sleaze to quality, and from honesty to outright lies.

In all of this I've developed my FAVORITES: FAVORITE FAVORITE books...

my FAVORITE and more.

While my experiences may not be of direct benefit to you,
I believe that they can open some doors for you, and help you shut some doors.
I have also enjoyed great support from many people, while others have given me
negativity and ridicule. I appreciate the support many of you have given me
and I'd like to give back to you by giving you my new 6 part Webinar series
at NO CHARGE...with no strings attached.

In this series, which begins on 14 September (with an interview
with Adrienne Toghraie) I will personally interview some of my all time
favorite people who are involved in the markets, in one way or another.
And here's the twist...after I interview them they will interview me for 45 minutes
during the same session!

I believe that these interviews can give you some deep and some not so deep insights,
and views into the minds, methods and possibly even the hearts,
(assuming traders have hearts) of my favorite people.
It's a simple, but powerful concept, and you are invited to one,
or ALL of these totally free sessions.


...and please note that there IS A LIMIT to how many my webinar room can hold...
so do it now and avoid disappointment

Jake Bernstein

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Elite Trader's Sessions - Live Trading Webinar Series


In response to many requests I will begin
another 8 session Elite Traders series on 1 October 2011.
I have truly enjoyed the last 12 ETS's, and I do believe
you have learned from them.

If all you did was to trade my Friday-Monday gold pattern,
you would have paid for ETS many times over.

If all you did was to trade the seasonals or the EuroCurrency pattern,
you would have done even better
than the Friday - Monday gold pattern did...but that's not the best part of ETS.
What I want ETS to do is to give you clarity, tools, profit maximizing strategies,
and solid, real, actionable research and trades,
with as close to 100% objectivity as possible!

Making Some Changes...
This ETS will focus on the following:

* HOW to find your trades daily
* The Friday - Monday Gold trade continued
* 2 NEW Day of Week trades - rules and application
* Fewer markets... but MORE FOCUS
* The 10 BEST SPREADS - low risk, high potential reviewed each week
* The DECISION MAKING process: what, when and how
* COT major changes review... every 2 weeks
* Seasonal trades for the week and month
* Position sizing: when to increase - when to decrease
* Markets and methods (see below)

The ETS LUCKY 13 Sessions begin 1 October 2011,
and will run for 8 weeks, for 90 minutes each week - 2:00 - 3:30 PM PDT