Monday, September 27, 2010

Hyperinflation...can it be?

Long before the current EXPLOSIVE bull markets in many commodities
I warned you to be prepared for "The Wildest Ride in History."

My forecasts have been VERY RIGHT. If you have attended any of my economic or market forecast Webinars then you know what I mean.

My work now issues significant WARNINGS OF POSSIBLE HYPERINFLATION...


This is NOT one of those gloom and doom end of the world as we know it, alarmist, get your weapons and hide in a cave with a years worth of food Webinars! This is a Webinar that offers REAL and VIABLE solutions, alternatives and possible outcomes that anyone can implement now!
  • If you're a trader you'll learn what I'm expecting and why
  • If you're a producer you'll benefit from my ag market forecasts and price targets
    as well as my hedge strategies
  • If you're a speculator I'll help you zero in on the next HUGE MOVES
  • If you're an economist I'll help you get clear on your expectations and theories
  • If you're a government strategy maker I'll tell you where you're going wrong
  • If you live in China, Asia or Australia I'll warn you of the DANGERS you face
  • If you're concerned about the future of paper currency I'll advise you clearly
  • If you hold precious metals I'll tell you why $2500 gold is likely
  • If you care about your financial futures I'll lay out a roadmap for you
  • If you believe that interest rates will double or more as I show you why
  • If you own or want to buy or sell real estate, you'll see my clear forecast

In any event have your seatbelt fastened and have your mind alert and open!

Join me for a specific, clear, and IMPORTANT 2 hour Webinar that will give you the reasons for and against the HYPER-INFLATIONARY case...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gold soars as predicted...what's next?

On 8 August of this year and on numerous occasions
BEFORE the recent SURGE I advised you to BUY gold, and indeed
all precious metals, in preparation for an explosive rally.

I gave SPECIFIC buy recommendations in STOCKS and FUTURES.
I predicted a new all time high in gold.

There is no doubt that the forecasts were correct!

But what's next?

Can gold run to $1500 on this rally?

I recommended palladium and it has soared. Is $800 the next target?

Can silver run to $25 on this rally?
Will platinum rally to $2500 on this rally?

Does the surge in gold forecast MASSIVE INFLATION?

What to do now?


on Monday, 20 September 2010

Here's what I will discuss at this VERY TIMELY webinar:

  • Where will gold go?
  • Platinum: the next big move or fizzle?
  • Palladium outlook - new all time highs coming?
  • Is silver still the best "bang for the buck"?
  • Is it too late to buy now?
  • What does the HUGE rally mean?
  • Is massive inflation imminent?
  • Does the rally in gold suggest an abandonment of paper currency?
  • Should you take some profits now?
  • Status of the precious metals cycles.
  • WHY have the precious metals exploded?
  • UPDATE on all the stocks I recommended
  • And much more

Click here to register

Best of trading,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Daily Sentiment Index (DSI)

My list of DSI clients reads like a Who' s Who of professional traders,
hedge funds, banks, brokerage firms and even other financial analysts. Why?

Is the Small Trader ALWAYS Wrong?
The TRUTH about Market Sentiment
and Contrary Opinion...

The DSI and DSIE has become the standard in short-term market sentiment
for futures traders. Currently in use by top banks, money managers, brokerage firms, professional traders and speculators throughout the world, the DSI is used to spot and trade short-term market swings at extremes in small trader market sentiment.

The Daily Sentiment Index has shown itself to be a valid indicator of short-term market swings. Since DSI is not derived from price it is distinctly different than the vast majority of indicators currently being used by traders.

DSI clients currently include some of the top money managers, traders, financial institutions and speculators throughout the world.

DSI data is available within one hour of market closings. It is supplied as a report, data file or recorded message.
It can be delivered by FAX, data download (FTP) and/or Internet.
The DSI is also available on Genesis Trade Navigator® and MetaStock®.

The entire historical data base (from 1987 to present in US markets) is available for research purposes and accompanies all subscriptions.