Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trading with Divergence: The Complete Course

Trading with Divergence: The Complete Course

The Definitive Divergence Dissertation

Fridays, May 13, 20, and 27
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM PDT

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Dear Trader,

Spend a few hours with me and learn how to pick tops and bottoms with absolutely amazing
accuracy using my Power Divergence Strategy (PDS).

Many of you have seen and experienced the fantastic ability of momentum divergence to identify
in advance and to trigger with 100% objectivity, significant market turning points in stocks futures
and Forex in all time frames. Those of you who have learned my Power Momentum Formula (PMF)
know exactly how to apply this precise methodology for outstanding results. If you also know my
Advanced Power Momentum Formula (APMF) then you know how to use the one line MACD to get
even better results.


Only a Few Few Signals a Year Per Market!

Using daily price charts, divergence setups and triggers occur only a few times a year in
each market. When these opportunities present themselves, the results are often huge.
Divergence triggers are well worth waiting for since they frequently will give us entry opportunities
within a few days of tops or bottoms and frequently the very next day. Because signals are quality
as opposed to quantity we have the ability to watch many markets and stocks on a daily basis for triggers.
I have automated the procedure to generate set ups, triggers, and follow through by computer scan.
Shown below is an example of the PMF method in picking the recent BUY TRIGGER in silver.

But it Gets Better

Through my ongoing research and trading I have been able to identify two additional and highly valid
divergence indicators which we can add to the PMF repertoire in order to pick outstanding top and
bottom trading opportunities across all markets and time frames. With our four part indicator set up
strategy Power Momentum Formula is now complete and advanced. Accordingly, I am now calling
the procedure PDS (Power Divergence Strategy).


The Complete Course

Beginning on May 13, I will present a three-part series which will teach you the entire procedure
using all four indicators with set up, trigger and follow through for the new PDS strategy that I have
developed. Note that I have developed this procedure in real time trading in my own accounts
in order to make certain that all procedures I teach you are viable, applicable, repeatable,
and fully objective.


Here’s What The Course Will Cover

Session 1:
The Amazing Power of Divergence

• What is divergence?
• Why divergence works
• How to spot divergence on a chart
• What divergence really means
• Indicators that signal divergence
• Divergence set up examples stocks futures and Forex
• The PDS structure and formula

Session 2:
Applying Power Divergence

• The rules of engagement
• Set up trigger and follow through
• Precise examples of entry and risk
• Profit targets one and two
• Profit maximizing strategy
• Current examples
• Considerations for different time frames
• What you can realistically expect

Sesson 3:
Procedures and Implementation

• How to organize your divergence trades
• Automatically generating signals
• Review of profit target calculations
• Review of profit maximizing strategy
• Position size and profit maximization strategy
• Examples of current trades
• Summary and conclusions


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Jake Bernstein | My 8 Absolute Best Timing Triggers Webinar

Introducing two brand-new timing indicators
I have developed for short-term trading!

My 6 Absolute Best Timing Triggers + 2 NEW!
A Webinar by Jake Bernstein

NEW DATE:  Friday, 29 July 2016    2:00 - 5:00 PM PDT

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Dear Trader,

Many of you may be familiar by 6 best triggers. If you know my work then you know that all
of my indicators are 100% rule-based and totally objective. Each timing trigger includes a
complete set of rules for implementation, entry, exit, and profit maximizing strategies.
Some of these have been imitated and duplicated by other traders and some have been
outright stolen from me most likely because they are clear and consistent. I find that to be flattering.
But I am not in the trading business to massage my ego. I am in this business to make money
for you and for me. The best way to do this is to provide solid information and to use that
information in trading.

Volatility demands 2 new Indicators!

The huge explosion in global market volatility requires us to add additional trading tools to our
already strong arsenal of timing triggers. Accordingly I have been working on two new dynamic
indicators designed to capture the short term moves in big price swings we are seeing virtually
all markets. These will be introduced and explained fully at my new webinar. I will show you set up,
trigger and follow through for both indicators.

Reviewing the six best Timing Triggers

At my webinar I will review in considerable detail each of my current and best timing triggers.
At this three-hour, intensely focused webinar I will teach you the following valuable tools:

MOVING AVERAGE CHANNEL: all rules of application will be reviewed including the five bar pattern,
the MA breakout, the swing trade, the one day and two day CMC patterns, widening channel and the
narrowing channel. The profit maximizing strategy and best applications will be reviewed and detailed.

SEASONALS: I will review all rules for finding and implementing seasonal trades with specific entry and exit dates and profit maximizing strategies in stocks, futures, and spreads. I will show two new ways to search for valid seasonal trades.

DIVERGENCE: momentum divergence will be explained in detail with all applicable rules for entry exit and profit maximizing strategy including the rules for MACD, CCI, and detrended oscillator.

8OC: I have heard from many traders who really enjoy and do well with this method that I developed.
I have some new things to show you about the eight OC which will make it even more applicable with
short-term trading. All rules will be reviewed I will show a new profit maximizing strategy.

3 X 3 CHANNEL: this short-term method has been improved dramatically by the addition of a new filter.
If you’re using the 3X3 channel you may find this feature to be very helpful. If you’re not using the
3X3 channel, you may decide that it’s the right thing for you when it comes to short-term swing trading.

GAP TRADES: have become very popular again because of the large opening gaps, particularly stocks.
I will review all rules for gap trades and profit targets, and I will show you a new entry trigger.

NEW! JBVT: I will introduce my new Jake Bernstein Volatility Trigger which I developed in order to take advantage of very short-term, intra-day and 2 to 3 day market swings. The indicator has been coded for
Genesis, and will be available for other platforms as well.

NEW: JBCOTT: many markets are now on the verge of major moves to the upside. Many of these
moves have already started, consistent with my forecasts in the annual forecast I gave at the end
of 2015, and my Midyear Forecast given just a few weeks ago. Because the COT is very important
in forecasting these moves, I have developed a new way of looking at COT in order to get the most
valuable information for assessing long-term moves. The Jake Bernstein COT Trigger is designed
to do just that.

Join me for 3 hours of super intense education!

If you are already familiar with my work, then this webinar will be a great review for you, and it will

 introduce you to several new features and additions to my methodologies. You will also learn
2 brand-new indicators that I believe will serve you extremely well in the turbulent markets that await us.

If you’re not familiar with my work this be a great place to begin.

See you at the webinar!


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jake Bernstein | Metals 2016 WEBINAR

Is the Biggest Metals Rally in Decades Starting Now?
Prepare NOW or miss your golden opportunity

Metals Webinar | 2016

A 90-minute Forecast Webinar By Jake Bernstein

Friday, 26 February, 2016
3:30-5:00 PST

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My Fellow Traders and Investors:,
Turn on the popular business shows and spend a few hours listening to the plethora of confusing and often diametrically opposed opinions. You come away with confusion, self-doubt, frustration, and less clarity than you had before you tuned in. Nonetheless, the popular underlying theme of today’s forecasts is concern about deflation, disinflation, and recession.

Comparisons to the segment on the Japanese economy are now the order of the day. We’re constantly being bombarded by the claim that the Federal Reserve acted too slow or that the Federal Reserve acted too fast. Markets throughout the world are reflecting this extreme diversity of opinion as volatility reigns supreme.

Where most others see disinflation, I see inflation!

My vast experience in the markets as a trader, investor, and student have told me clearly that when most people are looking one way, life will come to bite them from behind. Where most “experts” are looking for dire disinflationary and recessionary consequences of low interest rates, I look at solid, reliable metrics and I see the exact opposite. For many years now metals, both precious and otherwise, have been languishing in a sea of bearish fundamentals and negative expectations. And yet, under the surface, the winds of change are brewing and major opportunities are approaching

Get ready now, or miss the boat

One of the popular themes motivating investor behavior is the much vaunted demise of the Chinese economy. After all, as consumers of practically every industrial commodity, China is a major force and a slowdown in their buying supposedly would impact virtually all markets. Yet, objective reality, as usual, tells us a markedly different story.

Take a look at commercial activity in copper
While investors are being fed a steady diet of negativity, the chart below shows what commercials are doing in the copper market. Above the zero line in green, commercial activity is on the buy side. Take a look at my comments on the chart and ask yourself the following question: “Why would commercials be buying now if they did not expect a significant increase in prices over the next few years?” Take a look at the history of commercial buying activity in copper futures over the last few decades. Have they had a good track record of acting ahead of the moves? How can we analyze and determine the behavior of commercial activity in the precious metals?

What Do the Cycles Tell Us?
Notwithstanding the stellar track record of commercial activity as a leading indicator in many commodity markets, when combined with the very reliable cyclical behavior markets such as copper and the other metals, combination is compelling at the very least. Here’s a look at the platinum chart on a long-term basis. It’s talking to me. Do you hear what it’s saying?

What about Palladium?

And here is a chart of one of my favorite long-term investment type markets, Palladium. Take a look at the cycle. Here’s another one that’s talking to me. Do you hear what it’s saying? And commercial hedging activity is now at its lowest level in many months. What does that mean? Simply stated, commercials don’t want to sell Palladium heavily at these levels. Why?

No, it’s not perfect, but it’s one heck of a lot better than most of the worthless stuff that traders are using these days to pinpoint significant market turns.

A preliminary sign

One of the stocks that I have been trading in preparation for the big bull market is SIL. Just in the last few weeks this stock has surged over 26% from its low! Why? I believe that savvy investors are preparing now for what is likely to be a much bigger move later this year I will discuss the outlook for this stock as well as others.

Here’s what my 90-minute webinar will cover:

• Is a major bull market about to begin in metals and precious metals?
• What timing triggers should be watched?
• How and when to get on board
• What the COT is telling us now and all precious metals and copper
• Cycle charts showing long-term projections
• Spread and ratio relationships
• What to do now
• Stocks, ETF’s, and futures: how to mix it up
• Status of the long-term cycles in all precious metals and copper
• Price targets and projections, and much more

Join me for my best metals webinar ever!
For real eye-opener, don’t miss this webinar. I’m no newcomer to the markets. With almost 50 years of experience, I developed some great tools for finding and forecasting major moves. I may not be 100% right about my expectations, but even if I’m partially right and the moves begin as expected, then you have a lot to lose by not being on board or by ignoring what right now is shaping up to be a shockingly large bull market the likes of which most investors and traders do not expect.
I have kept the price low
I have kept the price at $89 for this to our super-detailed webinar, because I want as many people as possible to attend. My mission is to bring you potentially financial life-saving information well in advance or at the very minimum to open your eyes to possibilities that very few forecasters or analysts out there are willing to acknowledge. I see some major changes developing which need to be addressed as soon as possible. And I will do that.
See you at the webinar.

Best of Trading,


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jake Bernstein | High Odds Widget (H.O.W.) Trading System


High Odds Widget Trading System  (H.O.W.)

Can you trade with up to 90%+ Accuracy? H.O.W. SAYS “YES!” 


The Reality of Trading

Having been in the markets for over 45 years, I can truly say that my many trades and vast experience with trading have been truly educational. Among the many significant trading lessons I have learned, one stands out as highly important: There are essentially two ways to make money in the markets. You can trade for lower accuracy with higher profits or you can trade for higher accuracy with lower profits. It’s much easier to predict the next few days or the next few minutes or the next few seconds than it is to predict the next few months or the next few years. The reason high-frequency trading makes so much darned money is because the ability to accurately predict the next few milliseconds is extremely high. The smaller profit per signal is compensated for by larger positions.

And here is the ultimate question: Do you sell two widgets for $500,000 each with low odds of success, or 1 million widgets for one dollar a piece but with high odds of success? The outcome is the same but the concept is very different. It’s easier to find many buyers for $1 each than a few buyers at $500,000 each.

The Huge Benefits of High Accuracy Trading

Another thing I learned about myself and about many other traders is that accuracy can be much more important than average profit per trade. If you’re trading with high accuracy and making profits much more often than taking losses, your psychology will be positive. You will have a winning attitude. Your positive attitude will lead to confidence. Confidence will increase discipline. Increased discipline will lead to increased profits. And so, by taking fewer consecutive losses and more consecutive profits, you will learn to be a more confident trader and as a consequence a more profitable trader. Once you have achieved success on a smaller scale, you can increase position size and you can add to your repertoire strategies with lower accuracy but with higher average profit per trade. It’s really quite simple.

My New SUPER HIGH Accuracy Trading System

Trading systems can be tricky. Unless they are developed properly using the correct optimization, and out of sample procedure, they will look good based on historical data but they will not go forward in real time. My new system, High Odds Widget Trading System (HOW) is truly amazing in its accuracy. I have spent many hours developing the system the correct way in order to improve its likelihood of going forward in real time profitably and consistent with back tested performance.

HOW, as you can see from the track record below, is super impressive. 

Remember, however, it is extremely short-term with most trades lasting three days or less. This is a good thing exactly for the reasons described above. But in spite of its stellar record, it may not be right for you if you’re not a high odds short term trader.

If you’re looking for an incredibly high accuracy trading strategy based on a very straightforward, simple and demonstrable concept, and you agree with my statements about short-term trading and high accuracy,

H.O.W. Trading Strategy: Summary 2002-2016


Everything Is There
The High Odds Widget Short-Term program provides everything. It tells you, every day
  • which futures in its basket to buy or sell
  • exactly where to get in
  • exactly where to get out
  • exactly what your risk is
  • current positions
  • follow up on open trades
  • new orders
  • the precise order type to place
  • complete track record
  • And many different metrics of historical performance data

    It’s a complete program designed to help you take advantage of high probability short-term market swings consistent with what I have described above. 
    If you attended my recent webinar series, then you have a basic idea of the system and you have seen me discuss it in great detail.
    Only 15 Copies of my New System are Now Available

    H.O.W. is by far and away the absolute highest accuracy and best short-term trading system I have ever developed. I am offering the system complete with manual and instructions as well as my technical support to a very limited number of traders who want the impressive high accuracy that this system has been able to demonstrate. I will monitor the markets to see if my initial 15 systems are adversely affecting performance and if not then I will release more copies.  So if you recognize the importance of high probability, huge maximum consecutive wins, very low consecutive losses, and consistent performance, then I strongly suggest you order the system today before all copies are gone (and judging from previous experience we will be sold out very quickly).
    What markets does H.O.W.Trade?
    With some knowledge of proper optimization procedures you can train my new system for practically any market in futures Forex or stocks that you want. In its present form the markets included in the system that is available to you today are:
    Crude Oil, Euro FX, Yen, Gold and Dow Jones futures (YM $5 Dow)
    What You Will Get

    When you order the H.O.W. system you will get the following:
    • complete technical support from me
    • installation instructions
    • daily procedure instructions
    • the procedures manual (video)
    • the ability to generate a daily orders report
    • the ability to generate complete track records and
    • on Genesis Platinum - the ability to develop the system on any market you like
    • any future upgrades to the system, and finally
    • my comments on how to maximize performance using multiple posit
    H.O.W. Pricing and Delivery
    The H.O.W. strategy will be delivered to you by e-mail on or before 15 January 2016. Cost is $1495 to current and former clients who will get first priority on the limited number of copies initially available.  Non-client price is $2495.  H.O.W. is NOT A BLACK BOX system. ALL RULES and logic are fully revealed.  There is no secret sauce.   This is why I ask you NOT to share the rules with anyone else. Having hundreds of traders use this method will likely denigrate its performance.

    Order Immediately if you’re Serious

    I do believe that all currently available copies will be gone within a few hours.
    If so we can add you to the wait list

    To Order - CLICK HERE

    OR CALL 800-678-5253 or 831-430-0600

    If you have any questions, call me.

    Best of trading to you