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Jake Bernstein | High Odds Widget (H.O.W.) Trading System


High Odds Widget Trading System  (H.O.W.)

Can you trade with up to 90%+ Accuracy? H.O.W. SAYS “YES!” 


The Reality of Trading

Having been in the markets for over 45 years, I can truly say that my many trades and vast experience with trading have been truly educational. Among the many significant trading lessons I have learned, one stands out as highly important: There are essentially two ways to make money in the markets. You can trade for lower accuracy with higher profits or you can trade for higher accuracy with lower profits. It’s much easier to predict the next few days or the next few minutes or the next few seconds than it is to predict the next few months or the next few years. The reason high-frequency trading makes so much darned money is because the ability to accurately predict the next few milliseconds is extremely high. The smaller profit per signal is compensated for by larger positions.

And here is the ultimate question: Do you sell two widgets for $500,000 each with low odds of success, or 1 million widgets for one dollar a piece but with high odds of success? The outcome is the same but the concept is very different. It’s easier to find many buyers for $1 each than a few buyers at $500,000 each.

The Huge Benefits of High Accuracy Trading

Another thing I learned about myself and about many other traders is that accuracy can be much more important than average profit per trade. If you’re trading with high accuracy and making profits much more often than taking losses, your psychology will be positive. You will have a winning attitude. Your positive attitude will lead to confidence. Confidence will increase discipline. Increased discipline will lead to increased profits. And so, by taking fewer consecutive losses and more consecutive profits, you will learn to be a more confident trader and as a consequence a more profitable trader. Once you have achieved success on a smaller scale, you can increase position size and you can add to your repertoire strategies with lower accuracy but with higher average profit per trade. It’s really quite simple.

My New SUPER HIGH Accuracy Trading System

Trading systems can be tricky. Unless they are developed properly using the correct optimization, and out of sample procedure, they will look good based on historical data but they will not go forward in real time. My new system, High Odds Widget Trading System (HOW) is truly amazing in its accuracy. I have spent many hours developing the system the correct way in order to improve its likelihood of going forward in real time profitably and consistent with back tested performance.

HOW, as you can see from the track record below, is super impressive. 

Remember, however, it is extremely short-term with most trades lasting three days or less. This is a good thing exactly for the reasons described above. But in spite of its stellar record, it may not be right for you if you’re not a high odds short term trader.

If you’re looking for an incredibly high accuracy trading strategy based on a very straightforward, simple and demonstrable concept, and you agree with my statements about short-term trading and high accuracy,

H.O.W. Trading Strategy: Summary 2002-2016


Everything Is There
The High Odds Widget Short-Term program provides everything. It tells you, every day
  • which futures in its basket to buy or sell
  • exactly where to get in
  • exactly where to get out
  • exactly what your risk is
  • current positions
  • follow up on open trades
  • new orders
  • the precise order type to place
  • complete track record
  • And many different metrics of historical performance data

    It’s a complete program designed to help you take advantage of high probability short-term market swings consistent with what I have described above. 
    If you attended my recent webinar series, then you have a basic idea of the system and you have seen me discuss it in great detail.
    Only 15 Copies of my New System are Now Available

    H.O.W. is by far and away the absolute highest accuracy and best short-term trading system I have ever developed. I am offering the system complete with manual and instructions as well as my technical support to a very limited number of traders who want the impressive high accuracy that this system has been able to demonstrate. I will monitor the markets to see if my initial 15 systems are adversely affecting performance and if not then I will release more copies.  So if you recognize the importance of high probability, huge maximum consecutive wins, very low consecutive losses, and consistent performance, then I strongly suggest you order the system today before all copies are gone (and judging from previous experience we will be sold out very quickly).
    What markets does H.O.W.Trade?
    With some knowledge of proper optimization procedures you can train my new system for practically any market in futures Forex or stocks that you want. In its present form the markets included in the system that is available to you today are:
    Crude Oil, Euro FX, Yen, Gold and Dow Jones futures (YM $5 Dow)
    What You Will Get

    When you order the H.O.W. system you will get the following:
    • complete technical support from me
    • installation instructions
    • daily procedure instructions
    • the procedures manual (video)
    • the ability to generate a daily orders report
    • the ability to generate complete track records and
    • on Genesis Platinum - the ability to develop the system on any market you like
    • any future upgrades to the system, and finally
    • my comments on how to maximize performance using multiple posit
    H.O.W. Pricing and Delivery
    The H.O.W. strategy will be delivered to you by e-mail on or before 15 January 2016. Cost is $1495 to current and former clients who will get first priority on the limited number of copies initially available.  Non-client price is $2495.  H.O.W. is NOT A BLACK BOX system. ALL RULES and logic are fully revealed.  There is no secret sauce.   This is why I ask you NOT to share the rules with anyone else. Having hundreds of traders use this method will likely denigrate its performance.

    Order Immediately if you’re Serious

    I do believe that all currently available copies will be gone within a few hours.
    If so we can add you to the wait list

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    If you have any questions, call me.

    Best of trading to you