Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stochastics POP - Powerful Trading Tool

Do you like stochastics?
I’ll show you a unique and powerful way to use it

90 Minutes
Wednesday 13 May 2015
3:30 - 5:00 PM PT

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The stochastics indicator was made popular by the late and great George Lane. I knew George personally for many years and enjoyed my many conversations with him. There was, however, a bone of contention between us. Specifically, George loved his stochastics indicator and developed his own unique ways of using it. I was of the opinion that using stochastics correctly was more art than it was science. I struggled with the concept and its application. For a long time I used it as well. But then, I discovered momentum divergence and other methods and so I abandoned stochastics for various reasons.

A former business partner in a brokerage firm that I owned also loved stochastics and developed his method which he called Stochastic Fantastic. Mark published a manual explaining his method and even though it’s been many years since then, I still get numerous emails and requests to show how stochastics can be used effectively. While I can’t teach Marks methods I can show you something that I developed on my own which I called Stochastics Pop.

Although Stochastics Pop is not a trading system, it is rule-based and quite impressive, in what it can do. When I showed it to George Lane he couldn’t believe how well it worked. It ran contrary to the old ideas of overbought and oversold and constantly amazed George and me with its ability to pick great short-term and long-term trades on both sides of the market. I wrote about Stochastics Pop in a few my books but since then I have vastly improved the method.

In response to the many requests I receive to teach the use of stochastics, I have decided to present my methods in a webinar on Wednesday 13 May 2015.

What I REALLY FIND AMAZING about Stochastics Pop is its ability to get in while most people are getting out and frequently that’s the most reliable part of the move! If there is such a thing as beauty in the markets, this is it!

The Traditional Uses of Stochastics

The charts below illustrate several of the traditional approaches to using stochastics. There is good news and bad news about each of these approaches. I will discuss both aspects in my webinar. However, I will show you that my approach using the Stochastics Pop method is completely different than what most people are doing with this old but worthwhile indicator.


How NOT to use Stochastics




This is what I do NOT DO with Stochastics


Here’s what I Will Teach at This Webinar:
  • A brief history of stochastics 
  • What it is and what it does
  • Assets and liabilities of stochastics
  • Traditional applications and their limitations
  • The Theory of Stochastics Pop
  • The application of Stochastics Pop
  • Entry and exit methods
  • Profit maximization
  • Numerous examples and illustrations
  • Day trading with the Stochastics Pop 
  • Applications in stocks, futures, and Forex

    My Stochastics Pop method is RULE BASED: Learn my approach
    Although this webinar will not show sochastics pop as a trading system, I will show you clear and consistent rules for the use of my Stochastics Pop method. I think you’ll be impressed with what you see. I think for many of you this will open a new perspective on the use of stochastics as a trading tool and as a profit maximizing tool.

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