Friday, November 9, 2012

Trade and Invest...With Inside* Information (Legally)

Trade and Invest...With Inside* Information (Legally)

The Definitive Webinar
Wednesday 28 November 2012
4:00 - 6:00 PM USA - PST

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Dear Trader:

Face the facts: insider trading has been with us for a long time...
and this is not about to change. Insiders get the gravy and the profit 
while average traders are left out or left holding the back. Change it! 

Consider these items:

Until recently it was LEGAL for members of Congress to use their
knowledge legally to make millions but if ordinary citizens did so
we risked fines and prison

Hedge funds pay rofessional seekers to snoop out information 
for them that will help them get a big edge on the average investor
and some of that information is on the edge of legality

High frequency traders buy inside information legally from the exchanges
and use the information legally to get the edge on you and me! 


Learn how to use LEGAL “inside” information to your distinct advantage! 
But how? And what exactly do I mean by legal “inside” information?

*Legal Inside Information: My Definition

Legal inside information by my definition is "market generated information
and/or data that is available to anyone." The primary sources of such inside
information as I define it will be illustrated at my webinar.

Here is a partial list of topics:
  • Commitments of Traders Report - Commercials! Have to use it
  • Momentum and MACD Divergence as triggers
  • Odd Lot Short Sales (Contrary Opinion) for Stock Index Timing
  • Daily Sentiment Index (Contrary Opinion) Momentum Divergence (NEW)
  • How to use the COT Small Trader Index for WEEKLY TIMING (NEW)
  • How to use the COT Large Trader Index for WEEKLY TIMING (NEW)
  • Clear and objective examples and applications
  • How to use the new COT Categories
You will learn my exact approach to FINDING the big moves before they happen

and to TIMING entry for stocks, ETFs and futures.

Please note that this is NOT a short-term or day trading Webinar. 

My goal is to show you HOW TO IDENTIFY the big moves

well in advance using legal inside information (as I define it).

Objective Process using Market Generated Information

My NEW COT Webinar will take you through a step-by-step process to find
well in advance (such as the bull markets in meats, grains, coffee, metals, 
sugar, lumber and more). and invest in the biggest moves. 
This a method that I have used to make many
of the amazing (and correct) forecasts I have given publicly,

This is not a perfect method, but it’s the best thing I’ve seen for catching

the big moves and getting the edge.

COT Large and Small Trader Index Studies: 1st Time Revealed

As you may know, the approach I have developed for using the COT data as
a legal way of tapping into inside information has pinpointed many huge moves. 
And I expect this great forecasting record to continue and improve. 
As part of the process and as a very valuable aid to identifying candidates
for major WEEKLY based moves, I have developed two entirely NEW COT index indicators.
I will show you EXACTLY how to use them and calculate them.
(Genesis code to be provided)

Here are a few chart examples! 

But COT isn’t the only way to Detect Insider Trading!

I believe that momentum divergence, DSI and odd lot short sales can help us DETECT 

insider activity by comparing what the SMALL TRADER is thinking and what divergence
is telling us about what the larger traders are likely doing. To assist in this process,
I will also show you my NEW DSI Divergence indicator. 

This is another newly developed indicator that I will show for the first time ever! 

Here is an example of this indicator.

Can Small Trader Sentiment (DSI) be Inside Information?

I say yes! My DSI has been in daily publication since 1987. A goodly number of the
BIGGEST and BEST hedge funds, institutional traders and banks are clients of my DSI.
They keep subscribing because it works for them. I do actively not advertise the
DSI, but high profile traders keep coming to me by word-of-mouth because DSI 
has become the “secret weapon” of many professional traders. I am not privy to how
they use the DSI but through major research I have developed a NEW and very promising 
way to understand and use the DSI as a timing trigger!

I consider this approach to be a form of legal inside information

Why so? Because contrary opinion has shown itself to be a LEADING INDICATOR
and DSI is one of the best. DSI tends to give advance notice of tops, bottoms
or market turns.

And DSI is one of the few indicators that is not based on price! 

Here is yet another recent chart showing the DSI Momentum Divergence trigger.
I will discuss this approach in detail at the Webinar!

Join me and take the power back!
What I will show you at my “legal inside information” webinar has the power
and potential to help you reap huge rewards from huge opportunities that
my methods can help you find.

THIS IS NOT A WEBINAR for Very Short-Term Traders

This is for traders and investors who want to learn my methods for finding and investing
in the big moves using legal and available “inside” information that can reveal what the
biggest and best traders are doing. If you want to know how I have been able to correctly
predict so many big moves then join me at this Webinar for a powerful learning experience.

Get the tools to last you a lifetime of trading.

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Jake Bernstein