Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jake Bernstein BondBuster Trading System


My best short-term interest-rate futures system ever

One day, sooner than you think, 
Interest Rate Futures will Collapse!
Will you be on board? 

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Dear Trader:

Let’s face it, the writing’s on the wall. One day soon, sooner than you may know, the direction of interest rates will change and futures markets will begin a severe and sustained decline. The decline will likely begin with a severe initial crash in interest-rate futures that could last several days. I want to be on board that move, and I want you to be on board as well!

Based on the interest-rate cycle and the history of the US Federal Reserve, the uptrend in interest rates and the accompanying decline in interest-rate futures could last a long time. 

It’s one thing for us to talk about what’s expected but it’s far more important to be prepared well in advance. But how can we prepare? Opinions are cheap. Depending who you talk to or who you listen to we are about to plunge into deep depression, a slight recession, a period of inflation, a period of hyperinflation, stagnation, or economic conditions heretofore unknown.

I won’t join the chorus of prognosticators, although my cycles work is very clear about the approximate start of interest-rate up moves. I have, however, been spending many hours of research developing a short-term trading system that has the potential to get you on the right side of the markets and keep you there for the majority of the coming decline in interest-rate futures. Most traders will be caught unprepared for the coming collapse since they have not experienced the severity or persistence of interest-rate futures bear markets.

In 10 days I will release what I believe is my BEST TRADING SYSTEM for interest-rate futures. Some of the details of the system are explained below. 

Short-term Trades in 30-Year Tbond, 10-Year, 5-Year and 2-Year TNote Futures

My new JB Bond Buster trading system runs under Genesis Gold, or Platinum software. Every day after market closings it generates short-term, high odds, 100% objective and rule-based signals across the broad spectrum of interest-rate futures. This is extremely important due to the anomalies in yields (the yield curve) which will create unprecedented opportunities and relationships between the various instruments.  It is conceivable that my JB Bond Buster will be long one interest-rate vehicle while being short another,  thereby taking advantage of gyrations in the yield curve.

Incorporating My Best Patterns 

My new trading system incorporates some of the most reliable, consistent, and accurate price and time patterns I have ever discovered! The development process I used in constructing my new system was careful, not overly optimized, and contains over three years out of sample data to validate its accuracy. In short, I’m very pleased and excited about the new system and its profit potential. I believe that JB Bond Buster can keep you on the right side of the market throughout the inevitable volatility that awaits us just down the road. 

Strictly limited quantity of available Systems 

I will only make available a very limited quantity of my new system in order to avoid diluting its performance. I offer the system to my clients on a first-come first-served basis. As a client, you are also eligible for the discount price. And I have kept the price low and eligible for the 2fer card price (save 50%). 

What the JB BondBuster system includes

  • JB Bond Buster strategy basket and system
    for Genesis Platinum and Gold software
  • Video manual
  • Complete installation instructions
  • System updates if and when issued
  • Technical support provided by me personally
  • Complete disclosure of trading rules
  • The JB Bond Buster 60 minute webinar
  • 100% objective trades and signals
  • Signals for 30 year T-bonds, 10 year T notes,
    Five Year T notes, and two year T notes 
  • Complete disclosure of rules and procedures 
  • Initial stops and trailing stops 
  • All trades tracked from start to finish