Thursday, June 18, 2015


Think it -Test it - Develop it - TRADE IT/2
3 Part Trading System Development WEBINAR SERIES


ALL SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDED and available for your on demand viewing 

Trading System Development - 3 Sessions 
July 22, 29 and August 5   3:00 - 4:30 PM PDT

All sessions are recorded for ON DEMAND viewing.

If you are unable to attend a live session, recordings are posted online.

Learn how to develop your own trading system...

My Trading System Development Webinars were a big hit – so much so that many of you
want me to do it again with an entirely DIFFERENT trading concept.
In 3 sessions of 90 minutes each we will begin with a technical tool or pattern,
we will develop into a trading system, we will CORRECTLY optimize it,
and we will test it thoroughly. When we are done you KEEP the system.

The system we will develop is based on a concept that has huge potential. 
By developing my idea into a system we will find out if my expectations are correct.

What I will teach you step by step :
  • We will develop a new trading system from the ground up, and it’s yours to keep 
  • I will show you a potentially VERY POWERFUL patterns that are waiting to be turned into a system
  • I will provide precise details on risk management and profit maximizing strategies 
  • I will take you through the entire process step by step and in detail 
  • Meetings will be 90 minutes each for 3 sessions 
  • Everything I teach you will be 100% specific and rule-based 
  • All procedures will be clarified so that you can develop systems on your own 
  • I will teach you effective methods for realistically optimizing trading systems
    on your own 
  • And much more

we develop a system that would ordinarily sell for up to $3900

Here is how it will work: 3 Sessions - 90 minutes each as follows:

Session 1: Refining a concept and an indicator

How to find indicators that work-what are your choices? 
How to determine where to begin and what indicators to use 
How patterns develop into indicators for FUTURES, STOCKS and FOREX
What potentially profitable patterns look like: 3 exact examples

You do NOT need to know how to write computer code!
We will NOT be programming anything.

We will use the built in features of Genesis to develop and test our system(s).  
You do not need to be a programmer to learn what I will teach you.

Session 2: Turning the Indicator into a strategy
  • How to go from indicator to strategy - the step-by-step process in greater detail
  • Quick scan testing the signals for profit potential with my NEW indicator
  • Adjusting the signals for consistent performance using a rational optimizing method
  • Adding a stop loss to the signals
  • Adding a profit maximizing strategy for best results with lowest risk: your choices

Session 3: Developing the strategy into
an objective and diversified trading system
  • How to back test the strategy in different time frames
  • How to optimize for best results without over-optimizing
  • Adjusting the stops and profit targets for best results
  • Knowing which markets to trade for best performance
  • How to apply high return profit management methods
  • Building a strategy basket 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to Trade High Odds Seasonals in Stocks, Futures and Forex for Maximum Profit

How to Trade High Odds Seasonals 
in Stocks, Futures and Forex for Maximum Profit 

100% Objective and Rule-based 

Wednesdays 1 JULY, 8 JULY, 15 JULY 2015
3:00 - 4:30 PM PDT

To register for the live event, 
or to order the recordings, click here.

Seasonal trading with my methods and research is about the best thing you can do in trading stocks,
 futures and Forex. It's also the easiest, the most objective, and it's even enjoyable because it WORKS! 

Aside from being utterly amazing in its accuracy, it's a great way for new and experienced traders 
to grab moves that have been historically valid for as many as 82 years and with 85%+ accuracy…
the seasonals continue to amaze me trade after trade and year after year! 
There is NOTHING I know that's as outstanding as a starting point for new traders and/or seasoned veterans. 
Here's what you'll learn:

• Cash seasonals charts and patterns over the last 100+ years 
    what they are and how to use them
• Weekly seasonal futures charts - what they are and how to use them
• Daily seasonal futures charts - what they are and how to use them
• Seasonal stock charts - how to find them and how to use them
• EXACT HIGH ODDS seasonal trades - how to find them and how to use them
• The SETUP TRIGGER and FOLLOW THROUGH method for seasonals
• EXACT entry, exit, stop, target and follow through for all seasonals
• HIGH ODDS seasonal stock trades by exact dates
• Currency seasonals for FOREX
• High Odds short-term seasonals
• How to get your seasonals trades in less than an hour a month
• Seasonal TIMING triggers: NEW CONCEPTS
• Trading in the seasonal zone
• Pre-Holiday high odds seasonals
• Critical Month Seasonality and how to use it
• Organizing your seasonal trades as a business
• How to find the best seasonals for a limited budget
• My 10 TOP seasonal futures trades
• My TOP 25 seasonal stocks
• MY 5 TOP seasonal spread trades and
• More

Spend three 90-minute sessions with me, and learn it all with EXACT EXAMPLES,
and 100% objective clarity. 

This is not theoretical "looks like" subjective or interpretive mumbo jumbo. 
This is as real and precise as it gets!