Tuesday, February 28, 2017

3 Ways - 3 Days Short-Term Trading Webinar Series

Jake Bernstein presents
3 Ways - 3 Days
Short-Term Trading: Tricks, Tips, and Tools

3 Sessions (SATURDAYS)
11, 18, 25 MARCH 2017
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM PT

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Greetings Fellow Trader:

The trading world is full of “wannabe” day traders in stock, futures and Forex. Every day
more and more aspiring day traders begin their quest for profits. However, day trading ain’t
what it used to be. Yes, I wrote three of the best-selling books on day trading for McGraw-Hill,
but that was years ago. Today the competitive edge to day trading belongs to hedge funds,
machines, and well-capitalized, high-frequency traders who are in and out of large positions
many times a day. It is more difficult than ever to be a profitable day trader.

Don’t shoot the messenger. I didn’t create the problem. I’m simply reporting the facts as I see them.
Don’t let the many large intraday price swings fool you into thinking you can take advantage of them. Most likely you can’t. Large intraday volatility is not the same as being able to capture that
volatility with predictive validity. As traders who want to succeed we must grow and adapt to the
reality of the marketplace. I have found short-term trading over the course of 3 to 5 days to be much
more effective than day trading in today’s markets. My own experience confirms that there is good consistent money to be made in short-term trading.

Join Me for 3 Days to Learn 3 Ways

In order to help you improve your trading significantly I will present three sessions on short-term
trading wherein I will show you, three or more, 100% rule-based trading tools designed to capture the numerous short-term swings in stocks, futures, and Forex. Additionally, I will show you numerous tips and tricks that I use to extract the most profit from short-term trades. I will show you trades as they setup, I will make trades based on the rules in one or more of my accounts and I will show you, step
by step, the process and the results.

Here’s what I’ll teach you at this highly detailed, extremely focused,
completely objective Webinar series:

•    What is a short-term trade? Working definition

•    Finding the right trades every day: four fabulous tools

•    Balancing risk and reward: assessing profit potential versus risk

•    Entry and exit signals

•    Achieving most favorable trade location

•    When to cut and run with small profits

•    When to hold for bigger moves

•    How to spot and avoid problematic trades before you enter them

•    How to use the news to your advantage: one of my favorite strategies

•    Using intraday divergence

•    Spotting potentially big short-term moves well in advance

•    Identifying smart money moves before they happen

•    Daily procedures

•    Avoiding common errors by avoiding common thinking

•    Follow my trades week to week: what I am trading and why and when

•    Exact trades, before they happen, followed through until they’re done

•    Timing triggers, timing setups, and follow through

•    Turning short-term trades into big moves: how to do it

•    All your questions answered clearly

•    Continuity from one session to the next:
   all trades followed through to their conclusion

•    and more

If you have attended any of my webinars before then you know my goals are clear and consistent.
First, I want you to make money with what I teach you. Second, I want you to be objective as well aconcise
and focused. Finally, I want to show you the process of implementation because this is where most traders fail.

All Sessions Recorded – All Slides Included

If you subscribed to my 2017 webinar package deal then this webinar will be yours at no cost. All sessions will be recorded, video and audio, and sent to you within 24 hours after each webinar. The sessions will be available to you for on-demand viewing. I will be available for all questions by email after the webinar and of course all your questions during the webinar. If I do not have sufficient time to finish all material in three webinars I will provide a fourth one for free.

Real Trades, Real Money, 100% OBJECTIVE Rules:

If you are looking for free trading webinars, the good news is you will find many of them. The bad news
is that the overwhelming majority of these free webinars will give you exactly what you pay for them. They rarely provide objective rules, their goal is to sell you something and/or to get your brokerage business. They intentionally thrive on keeping things vague so that you will have to come back to them for more information which will likely be of questionable value. My webinars are designed do three things: first, to give you objective rules designed to improve your trading dramatically, second, to give you moneymaking strategies and third, to provide clarity in process and implementation. This is what you pay me for and that’s what I give you.

To Register for this excellent three-session webinar please click the appropriate link below. If you have any questions send me an email: jake@trade–futures.com


Jake Bernstein

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Master the Markets Webinar Series

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Start the new year as a winner!

The Jake Bernstein
Think like a pro - Act like a pro - Trade like a pro

6 Weekly Sessions
Beginning SATURDAY 14  January 2017

Get the tools you need to vastly improve
your trading and investing results!

Dear Trader,

In June 2017 I will have been involved in the markets in one form or another for 50 years!
That’s one heck of a long time.

Fortunately, the years have been good to me. I have learned extensively from my trading,
research, system development, and mentoring. During this vast expanse of experience
I have been involved in virtually every aspect of trading, including part ownership
of a brokerage firm, and personally mentoring hundreds of traders. The knowledge that
I have accumulated is massive.

I’ve learned what’s important and what’s a waste of time. I've learned what’s best for me
and how to help you find what’s right for you. There is no one-size-fits-all when comes
to trading. Certain things that I can do, you can’t do, and there may be certain things
you can do, that I can’t do.

As in virtually all areas of endeavor we must identify those things which we are good at,
and those things which will not enhance our potential to be successful.

Professional traders know how to turn the right cranks to get the right music.
I want to help you find your place of success in markets, methods, indicators,
and implementation. My new six-session webinar series as part of my Master the Markets
initiative for 2017, will get you started on the right path for success or greater
success in your trading.

Beginning January 7th, and for 5 additional Saturdays thereafter I will present a 90 minute webinar
which will get you focused on professional, effective, objective, actionable trading tools,
which I believe will bring you success if you’re not yet successfu,l and more success
if you are already trading profitably.

Here’s our agenda:
Session 1: January 14
The Real World of Trading

•    How markets work and what markets really are

•    How understanding the markets will increase your confidence and discipline

•    How confidence and discipline will increase your results

•    Who controls the markets?

•    The markets as an auction process – market profile theory

•    How to determine market strength or weakness quickly and easily

•    Going with the flow – profits from the path of least resistance

•    Signs and symptoms of market strength and weakness

•    How tops and bottoms develop

•    How big moves begin

•    Madness and greed at tops and bottoms

Session 2: January 21
Timing Triggers Trading Model and Profits

•    What you need to know about timing triggers

•    Patterns, triggers, the good the bad the ugly

•    What makes timing triggers profitable?

•    Triggers that will serve you best

•    Using the right trigger for the right job

•    Triggers, time frames and results

•    How to get the most of your timing triggers

•    Examples and illustrations

•    Introducing: two new timing triggers 

Session 3: January 28
How To Organize Your Trading

•    Finding and using the methods that are right for you

•    Finding and using the right time frames

•    How to organize your trading day

•    Creating the right checklist for success

•    Eliminating unnecessary and costly errors

•    How to separate the right fundamentals from the wrong fundamentals

•    The benefits of trading in isolation

•    Taking the 10-trade challenge to improve discipline

and more...

Actionable and Objective Facts

In my experience the bad news about webinars and seminars is that they rarely provide specific,
objective and actionable information. If you have attended any of my previous webinars,
then you know the difference between what I do and what most others do. My goal is simple:
to provide you with moneymaking strategies, clear and concise information, and actionable tools
to help you improve your trading no matter what level you’re on. This new series is designed to
focus on profitable tools to help you improve consistency, discipline, and therefore positively
impact your bottom-line profits

All Sessions will be Recorded

If you cannot make a session you will have access to the recording within 24 hours after the session is completed.

Questions and Answers

I typically take questions during the session to make sure that no one gets lost. In addition,
you will have access to me by email after each session. I usually answer emails within 24 hours after each session.

Special Requests

If there are topics particularly important to you that are not covered in the outline shown
above and you registered for the webinar series, please send me questions and if relevant,
I will include them in the material.

Best of Trading,