Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Larry Williams | Jake Bernstein - The Webinar of 2013

There has NEVER been a webinar like this... 
( and there may never be another), so attend this outstanding meeting
of the minds and share knowledge and experience that spans nearly one century!
Learn from two of the biggest names in the business!

Space is limited and we expect to be sold out quickly...
so register now!

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Dear Traders:

Here is your key opportunity to learn from the experiences of two of the biggest 
names in trading!

Larry Williams: legendary trader and developer of internationally known
and prized indicators such as %R, Williams Accumulation-Distribution and more.
Author of 10 trading books and winner of the Robbins World Cup trading championship. 
Larry's work and teachings are revered by traders all over the world.
Learn from Larry's 50 years of experience.

Books by Larry Williams

How I Made $1,000,000 Dollars Last Year 
Trading Commodities

Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading
2nd Edition

Jake Bernstein: draws on over 44 years on the markets with more than 40 books on trading and developer of the MA channel, 30 Minute breakout, the Daily Sentiment Index DSI) and Key Date seasonals.  Jake's work is also followed the world over by serious traders, hedge funds, banks, and market analysts.

Books by Jake Bernstein

How the Futures Market Works

The Compleat Day Trader - Second Edition

Join Larry and Jake for two hours of CANDID, no holds barred comments and suggestions based on their vast experience and huge understanding of markets, methods, trends, traders, systems and much more!

Here are just a few of the topics Larry and Jake will discuss...
WITHOUT fluff or sugar coating: 

• Greatest success and failures and why
• How traders blunder repeatedly and why
• What brings success in trading
• Favorite Indicators and least favorites
• A glimpse into the future of markets and methods
• What a new trader should and shouldn't do
• Controversies and the truth
• Thoughts on risk management
* Profit maximizing strategies
• Trader psychology and behavior and
• Much more

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