Monday, March 29, 2010

8 O/C Trade Filtering Method

08 April, 2010 5:PM - 6:30 PDT

At long last, a new and effective confirming trigger for my 8 O/C filtering method. It is a rare event that I invite another trader to present a webinar with me, when I do it is only because I believe that individual has a piece of research, and/or a timing indicator, that is worthwhile either as a stand-alone method or as a filter for one of my methods.

Christian Helmut, a trader in Spain, as well as one of my past mentoring students, has developed what I believe is an excellent filter for my short-term 8 open/close timing trigger. The filter can be used on daily, weekly or intraday data as well as on tick charts. I am very impressed with what Christian has done, and I have invited him to join me in teaching the new filter in a 90min webinar. We will present the entire method in detail with all rules and crystal clear examples in numerous time frames. I believe that you will find the entire method to be very effective when used with my profit maximizing strategy and I thank Christian for bringing it to me.

The 8 O/C Filtering webinar includes:
• A new Open/Close filter method
• Rules of application and implementation
• Examples on daily charts
• Examples on weekly charts
• Examples on intraday charts
• Using the method with Tick Charts
• Implementing the profit maximizing strategy
• Summary and overview

Monday, March 22, 2010

Elite Trader Sessions VI - webinar

Starts Sat 10 Apr 2010
The ETS/6 will run for 8 weeks, 90 min ea. The weekly ETS (Elite Trader's Sessions) has been a labor of love for me - and a dynamic learning experience for attendees. The feedback has been tremendous because I say things the way they are, I show upcoming trades (and why I take them), where I expect them to go, and how we enter and exit them - all with TOTAL CLARITY and 100% objectivity!

You will have an opportunity to ask me questions during the sessions in order to learn EXACTLY how all of this is done. I will cover futures, some stocks and forex... and I will cover spreads and spread timing. I will focus on a select and diversified group of markets...but we can see any market you want to see. We will use live charts and indicators on demand so that you can ask for any stock, commodity or forex to see the setups and triggers. I promise you a continued highly positive experience that will be of great value to you as well as my REAL TRADES with REAL MONEY in the ETS account. I thank you for your continued interest and support as well as your very positive feedback.

Go for the Gold and Silver II - webinar

Tue, 06 Apr 2010

In my Sept '09 webinar "Go for the Gold and Silver #1" I advised that the long-term outlook for gold, and in fact all precious metals, was bullish. Gold was trading at $1,000 and it rallied to an all time high of $1,227 over the next few months and has since pulled back. Is the next leg of this bull market soon to begin? Is the next target $2000+? Platinum was trading at $1,322 on futures, today the price is $1,634. Palladium which I strongly favored was at about $294, today it is about $475! Silver, my least favorite was at approximately $16.83 and rallied to over $18 before setting back. I also recommended a number of ways to participate in the coming inflationary rallies for precious metals including specific stocks such as NovaGold (NG), which was at $5 per share, today it is about $7.55 it's highest level in many weeks. That's just a small sample of what I discussed previously.


Monday, March 15, 2010

FREE All Day Trading Seminar !!

San Francisco Airport
Saturday 08 May 2010
9:00AM - 3:00 PM PDT

No tricks, no strings attached, no obligation - but attendance has to be strictly limited.

First Come - First Served
* Priority to current clients & students.

Here's what I'll teach you at this all day event
• Two profit maximizing strategies
• How to spot and time the coming big moves
• The major cycles and what they're saying now
• Why patterns are the most effective indicators
• My five best timing triggers and how to use them
• The 21 worst trading blunders and how to fix them
• Using the Commitment of Traders report the right way
• My market and economic forecast for the next 12 months
• How to spot the best seasonal trades in futures, stocks & spreads and more!

Seats will be gone quickly only sign-up if you are serious about attending this excellent event. Many traders will want to be there and space will be at a premium. Continental Breakfast will be provided at no cost

Monday, March 1, 2010

DSI Market Sentiment webinar

Thu, 11 Mar 2010 6:-8:PM PST Attendees receive the entire "Daily Sentiment Index" from 1987 FREE, as well as 1 month of the daily data service at no charge, enabling you to make your own charts and indicators. Includes timing considerations and profit maximizing strategies with contrary opinion and more! My list of DSI clients reads like a who's who of professional traders, hedge funds, banks, brokerage firms, financial analysts and many others - find out why!