Saturday, July 23, 2011

ETF: Landmine or Lifeline?

ETF: Landmine or Lifeline?

How to Trade ETF's for Major Intermediate-Term Moves Webinar
Monday, 8 August 2011
3:00 - 4:30 PM PDT

This session will be recorded for ON DEMAND viewing.


The ETF Revolution (or Revulsion) has spawned an avalanche of vehicles all supposedly designed to "help" traders and investors profit.

Supposedly ETF's make things easier for you. How?

First of all they are often lower priced than some of the stocks or
futures they represent.

And second, they help you avoid having to pick and choose a specific
stock in a given industry group.
So if you want to buy gold, you can buy a gold ETF for bullion or a gold ETF
for the junior gold miners.
There's an ETF for almost anything you want to invest in, but are they any good? I made a bad mistake last year by buying an ETF that I thought would serve me well in natural gas.

I got burned.

I bought UNG, only to discover after it was losing a lot of money, that the ETF was limited in the size of natural gas contracts they could own, and therefore it would NOT MOVE with futures.

And that REALLY MADE ME !!!%&***%$$#!!!!!.

While ETF's can be a great help they can also hurt you badly.

Now, for the first time ever I will present my ETF research to you in a 90-minute webinar, covering the following topics:

• How to time entry and exit for Intermediate-Term ETF moves
• The ETF HYPE...the good..the bad and the lies...
• The underlying dangers of an ETF crash
• How to known WHICH of the many ETF's are right for the move you seek
• The right and wrong commodity ETF's
• A list of different ETF's for underlying commodity moves
• How to construct a DIVERSIFIED ETF portfolio
• My 10 BEST ETF picks for the coming inflationary moves
• Emerging market ETF's
• Lower priced and lower risk ETF's
• How to correctly navigate the ETF's quagmire
• How to take advantage of erratic price swings in ETF's and more.

Jake Bernstein

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How, Why, When and What to trade OBJECTIVELY

Join me at ETS 12 beginning 23 July 2011

Elite Traders Sessions 12

ETS 12 will again feature my real trades
in an actual account... based on what I teach you in the ETS 12 Sessions...

I will fund an account with only $15,000, and trade the LOWEST POSSIBLE RISK
trades, seasonals, spreads, short-term seasonals, MA Channel and divergence trades,
Mini and micro contracts etc.

You can do all of these trades on a larger budget if you
prefer, but I will attempt
to generate 100% profit in this small account during the 3 months
of the ETS 12 conservatively as possible!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Think it. Test it. Trade it.

All Sessions are available to order for ON DEMAND viewing.

My Trading System Development Webinars were a big hit – so much so,
that many of you want me to do it again with an entirely DIFFERENT concept.
I have had numerous requests to “do it again."

Accordingly, I invite you to attend Trading System Development.
We will develop yet another new trading system which will be yours to keep.
The system we will develop is based on a concept that I have never before taught...
but it has huge potential.

After we develop the system, you will get the code for Genesis™

as part of the process.

What I will teach you step by step:

  • We will develop a new trading system from the ground up--and it’s yours to keep

  • I will show you a potentially VERY POWERFUL patterns that are waiting to be turned into systems

  • I will provide precise details on risk management and profit maximizing strategies

  • I will take you through the entire process step by step and in detail

  • Meetings will be 90 minutes each for 3 sessions

  • Everything I teach you will be 100% specific and rule based

  • All procedures will be clarified so that you can develop systems on your own

  • I will teach you effective methods for realistically optimizing trading systems on your own

  • And much more

Friday, July 15, 2011

What I Learned Today...Technical Signals and Observations

Dear Trader,

I learn something about trading every day. Some days I re-learn what I already knew,
but every trading day and every trade, win or lose, teaches me a valuable lesson.
Many of you have asked me to share lessons I have learned.
After all, in over 40 years of being involved in trading, research and market timing
in stocks and futures, I've learned many lessons.
And I believe that my experiences and lessons learned can help you,
no matter if you're a new trader, or a seasoned veteran (unless you've been trading
longer than I have, in which case I might learn something from you).
During the years I have had many requests to compile my LESSONS LEARNED
into a book or a diary - and I'm doing just that - BUT I have an even better opportunity
to offer you. It's called WHAT I LEARNED TODAY.

Here's how it works!
Every week day at the END of the day, usually in the afternoon or evening I will write and send you by email my LESSON LEARNED FOR THE DAY.
At times the lesson will be brief - at times it will be longer.
The lesson will be TIMELY and it will relate specifically to what happened that day,
or what I expect to happen the next day in a given market or markets.

Here are the highlights of what may be covered:

  • Technical signals and/or observations
  • Annotated charts may be included as needed
  • I may comment on trader psychology and/or market psychology
  • I will include my thought process and organization aspects as needed
  • All subjects - technical, fundamental and psychological are fair game
  • I will do my best to share with you VALID and actionable learning experiences
  • All designed to help you learn to earn more and with less effort
At times my words may even be inspirational, but they will always be relevant
and directed at real issues for real traders, from a real trader.
I offer this new service to you as my little experiment for the next 3 months, daily
at 5 days a week by email. Join me in this learning adventure.


Jake Bernstein

PS. About 1 commission per day, you will get huge benefits every day...
starting Monday, 18 July.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jake Bernstein Trading Seminar - SFO September 17-19 2011

Trading Reality or Trading Insanity ...the choice is yours

Click here for an audio message from Jake Bernstein

Let’s face it – there’s a lot of totally worthless trading information out there.
And let’s also be real about the fact that the Internet has made matters worse.
The bottom line is that an overwhelming majority of the trading “tools” trading “tips,”
so called systems and methods, are totally useless or worse.
They will waste your money, and more seriously your time.
My work is different. It’s 100% rule-based. It’s 100% objective.
My work has the 5 major elements that are utterly lacking in 90%
of what is out there today.

3 Days in San Francisco...
17-19 September 2011

Bring me your Problems and Leave with REAL and 100% OBJECTIVE Solutions
Attend my LAST REAL TIME Trading Seminar this year

Join me for the most thorough, most complete, most professional,
most organized and most hand-on seminar
I have ever presented.
Not only will I show you what to do and how to do it
in real time on Monday.

How will this be different than a Webinar? Why travel to spend 3 days with me?

  • Webinars are great money saving and teaching tools but nothing can replace the necessary
    and effective one on one interaction between traders and students and a teacher.
  • You can’t get the same level of excitement, emotional response and interaction to the moment
    as you can by really being there.
  • And we know HOW IMPORTANT it is to handle the emotions of trading.
    In addition you will get to ask me your private questions on breaks –
    and that’s very important since all traders have somewhat different needs, issues and concerns.
End the confusion...stop the “looks like”...get focus, clarity...
and RESULTS... build confidence and succeed