Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Live All Day Trading Session

Mon 16 Nov 2009
6:AM - 1:PM PDT

We will focus on three (3) markets: E-Mini S&P, and Gold or a Currency, or possibly a Grain or Meat depending on conditions, AND several stocks for a completely mindless, brainless day trading using an approach that requires very little attention once the trade has been entered. The session will include 'Real-time entry and exits', and you get to watch me actually placing the orders in my accounts to be used specifically for this purpose.

I will show my active desktop and charts tick by tick as I determine the trades, and include a written synopsis 2 DAYS BEFORE the Webinar containing details of the 3 methods I will use for the day trades with ALL THE DETAILS of my SETUP, TRIGGER and FOLLOW THOUGH plan for each method. All my methods, procedures and plans will be 100% objective, with the exception of one exit strategy for which there will be several objective alternatives clearly detailed for you in advance.

The session will be thoroughly objective and comprehensive day of education and live trading that should be of considerable benefit to you as further learning in your efforts. Questions & Answers will be part of the session, by written online message as usual and possibly by voice.

JOIN ME for an unforgettable session of real trading with real money and professional objectivity. Win, lose or draw it will be a learning experience for you!