Wednesday, August 22, 2012

6 Best Timing Triggers Webinar

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Jake Bernstein Webinar
My 4 BEST Timing Triggers + 2 Reloaded 

One of the most acclaimed and well attended webinars I have ever presented
was "My 4 BEST TIMING TRIGGERS" wherein I discussed my BEST and
100% objective timing methods, complete from setup to trigger and follow through, INCLUDING rules and precise examples.

Many of you have asked me to do it again and to ADD the LATEST additions
and applications. 

I will do that on Wednesday 29 August 2012 from 4:00-5:30 PM PDT USA,
I want to ADD to your knowledge base by showing you in detail 2 more of
my BEST timing triggers, their rules, their application and their follow through.

Here is what my Webinar will feature:

  • The MAC position trade for bigger moves in all time frames
  • The MAC short term SWING trade for all time frames
  • 8 OC setup, trigger and follow through
  • The Friday-Monday high odds GOLD trade (the gift that keeps on giving)
  • The Power Momentum setup and trigger for catching tops and bottoms reliably

    AND 2 MORE timing tools especially relevant to today's volatile markets:
  • The 2 DAY CMC trigger and follow through and profit maximizing strategy 
  • The 2 BAR GAP setup and trigger (see chart below)
  • BONUS Timing Trigger: The NEW Thursday-Friday EURO FX trigger!
  • All triggers 100% objective (no "looks like" or analysis)
  • Profit maximizing strategies for all methods
  • Clear and precise examples
  • And more...

    As usual, I have kept the cost of admission low so as to allow as many to
    participate as possible at an affordable price.  Join me for a rock solid and
    professional presentation designed to help you GRAB and MAXIMIZE the
    coming big market moves in stocks, futures and Forex.

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    See you there. 

    Jake Bernstein