Monday, October 6, 2014

Jake Bernstein’s CURRENCY CRUSHER™ Trading System

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Jake Bernstein’s CURRENCY CRUSHER™ Trading System
The incredibly simple pattern

that blew me away with its performance!

My new currencies only intermediate term trading system

for Genesis Navigator™ is possibly my best trading system ever!

Please take a few minutes to see why I'm so impressed

Every few years a trading idea inspires me to do in-depth research.  And in a few very rare cases the result amazes me from the very beginning.  And that’s how it has been with my new currencyfutures system.  Based on one of the simplest patterns in technical analysis, my CURRENCY CRUSHER (JBCC) is fully objective, able to capture monster moves, easy to use, and it doesn’t overtrade.
The surprising discovery!
When I first looked at the simple three-day pattern that forms the basis of my new system I dismissed it as “something I have seen thousands of times”. But when I looked at the pattern within the context of my set up trigger and follow through trading model and when I tested the first market, I realized that I had not allowed myself to see the full picture because I ignored my most basic and powerful concept: the model.
I had to look at the results over and over to convince myself they were valid.
Although I didn’t feel that I had discovered the Holy Grail, I did have to look at the algorithms
and rules many times over before I believed that I had discovered something truly valuable.
But test after test and market after market the pattern proved valid and, best of all it achieved its most superior performance in the markets that move the fastest and the most consistently, the currency futures.
Setup, Trigger and Follow-Through at its BEST!

JBCC conforms fully to my very powerful SETUP TRIGGER FOLLOW-THROUGH model and contains a built in profit maximizing strategy. Because JBCC makes only about 40 trades per year it allows you to participate in a number of currencies.

Why now? Because October has been the BEST month for JBCC!
JBCC has been in the development process for quite some time. Timing is very important not only in placing trades but also in knowing when to begin using a trading system. Take a look at the chart below. It shows the historical record of JBCC on a monthly basis. You don’t need to be too smart to see that October, by far and away has been the absolute best month of the year for trading this system. Will it be the same this time? As we go to press JBCC has been short a number of currencies and is riding some very large open profits. These will most likely be closed out in October and will help propel the month to another strong victory. We can’t fine-tune all aspects of trading systems perfectly but this one is most interesting and it turned out this way not by design but by chance.