Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day of Week (DOWMAX) MAX Trading System

Day of Week (DOWMAX) MAX Trading System
from Jake Bernstein (in collaboration with Andrew Black)

In July 2009, I made my Day at a Time (DAT) very short-term trading system
available to serious traders.

I offered a limited number of DAT systems, and they sold out.

DAT has done well, going forward with over 76% accuracy for over 2 years after release.

But there is always room for improvement, and that is where Andrew Black
from New Zealand has helped me!

I've had many requests for another very short-term trading system
in the form of an even better version of DAT that uses the VERY POWERFUL
Day of Week Pattern, which forms the basis of the DAT system.

As one of the best mentoring students I have ever had the pleasure to work with,
Andrew Black impressed me with his analytical and system development skills,
as well as his quick grasp of my trading ideas.
(see Andrew's bio at the end of this announcement)

Using his considerable skills as an IT expert and accounting software specialist,
Andrew was able to take the knowledge I gave him about the Day of Week patterns
and systems, and add it to his analytical expertise to develop and refine
my Day of Week strategy to many markets that had previously eluded my expertise.

Andrew did an outstanding job. His back test and forward test, and out of sample histories,
blew me away. I had to check them over and over to make sure I was seeing
what I thought I was seeing.

His work was so outstanding that I asked him to go over his procedures
and results several times to make sure he was developing the system correctly.
And he was right at every juncture.

The reason I asked him to check and recheck his work was because the
trade histories for 2011 were stellar even though 2011 data was NOT SEEN
by the program as part of the optimization process!

I asked Andrew to develop the system fully on 18 markets using % stops and $ stops
and to allow users of the system to compare both approaches.

Why is DOWMAX such a significant system?

Here are some statistics to ponder…

I am pleased to announce my NEW and most thorough,
most diversified and most innovative SHORT-TERM TRADING SYSTEM,
Day of Week MAX (DOWMAX):

• Gives DAILY TRADING signals on 18 futures markets (see list below)

• You can use $ based stops or % based stops and COMPARE performance

• The system features markets that I have NEVER BEFORE
offered in trading system format (i.e. Lumber, Palladium, Platinum, Russell 2000, etc.)

• High accuracy with a full year of UNOPTIMIZED history

• Lengthy historical back testing

• 100% fully objective signals EVERY TRADING DAY

• Average length of trade is VERY SHORT TERM at 2.58 days!

What is my Day of Week concept and how does it Work?

My Day of Week (DOW) concept is simple.

It’s based on the research finding that there are certain price patterns in stocks
I have also found a pattern that is based on the relationship between the OPENING
and CLOSING price of a market. When these two patterns are combined with a TRIGGER,
a STOP LOSS and a PROFIT EXIT STRATEGY the result is impressive, very impressive!
and commodities that are related to the day of the week and its relationship to the next day.

But they are more than impressive in back testing – they have gone forward in out of sample data with amazing consistency as you can see from the historical record.

Day of Week MAX (DOWMAX) generates daily signals in the following markets with exact entry, exit, target and exit strategy:

Soybeans, Platinum, Euro FX, Copper, Gold, Russell 2000,
Swiss Franc, Coffee, Crude Oil, Lumber, Tbonds, Cotton,
Cocoa, US Dollar, Emini SP, Palladium, Wheat, Gasoline

As you can see, Day of Week MAX is widely diversified and it includes markets
I have never before offered in a trading system.
Because some of these markets are very low in trading volume
you may not be able to enter or exit at the prices used by the system
as ideal entries and exits so please be aware of this limitation.

The SYSTEM MANUAL provides specifics on how to handle low volume markets.

What the DOWMAX system includes:

• System Codes for Genesis

• Manual

• Daily email report of signals for 1 year

• Complete unlocked system code

• Technical Support

• Any upgrades

• % and $ stop loss options