Friday, November 11, 2011

2012 will likely be the most volatile year in market history...

If you thought my 2011 Forecast for huge volatility was on target...
then fasten your seatbelt...for the 2012 Forecast Webinar

Will inflation finally explode in 2012?

If you have been following my forecasts and indicators then you
were prepared for the big bull markets in commodities as well as
the record-breaking volatility, virtually across the board.
You were also advised well in advance that some markets,
(and I named names) would make explosive moves, and they did!
Now that 2012 is just around the corner it's time to assess where we are,
and where we're going over the next 12 months!

December 19, 4:00-6:00 PM PST.
Spend two valuable and detailed hours with me
and get my specific details on the following topics, and more:

• Market by Market Cycles Forecast for all major commodities
• Intermediate and long term forecast for the stock market and stock indices
• The Coming SURGE in interest rates: how high and when?
• Precious metals: soaring to a major top in 2012?
• Are explosive moves coming in the meats and meat related stocks?
• 6 Commodity ETF's for 2012 - if you dare trade them
• Specific stocks (not ETF's) for most commodity sectors
• Is 2012 the year for a natural gas explosion?
• Cocoa: the next market to soar in the commodity bull market?
• My 10 BEST seasonal trades for 2012: exact entry and exit dates and odds.
• INFLATION: the next crisis looms large
• Why the US dollar is the most gorgeous of the "uglies."
• Is the $25 mark in soybeans inevitable?
• How to trade record volatility that is surely coming
• The coming ETF crisis
• 6 High Odds spreads for 2012
• Can crude oil hit $125 in 2012?
• Harness the power of the biggest inflation in decades!
• And much more

Join me and get my unhedged, clear, no-holds- barred details.
2012 will likely be the most volatile year in market history - get my overview
and know what to expect. If you have seen the accuracy and clarity
of my previous forecasts then fasten your seatbelt
and make your reservation now.

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Best of trading!