Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trading Webinar for Chinese Traders and Investors

With over 43 years of experience teaching international students advanced trading methods
in stocks, currencies, and futures, Jake Bernstein is finally presenting his work exclusively
to Chinese audiences!

On Sunday, December 4th at 9:30 AM, Jake will hold his first bilingual webinar
exclusively for Chinese audiences. This interactive hour-long webinar
is completely free and open to the public. You need only register to participate.

Since 1972, Jake Bernstein has published 44 books including The Investor’s Quotient,
Seasonality: Systems, Strategies, and Signals, and The Compleat Day Trader, as well
as a massive number of research studies and newsletters on the international financial markets.
He has developed numerous technical, cyclical, and seasonal trading methods
through extensive computer back testing as well as live trading experience.
Jake Bernstein is also a consultant for large-scale financial institutions, brokerage firms,
short-term traders, and individual investors.

During Jake’s first China webinar, he will focus on the US stock, forex, and futures markets,
and explain his well-tested methods for trading these markets.

Among the topics he will cover are:

• Trading by the rules
• Trading with 100% objective methods
• The nature of the markets
• The fate of the typical trader
• Structured trading models
• Profit maximizing strategies
• The perpetuation of market myths
• Do brokers help or hurt?
• The profitability potential of the forex market
• The value of information, opinions, and news
• Impulsive behavior and how it affects profits
• Avoiding the danger of random market moves
• Risk management and setting appropriate stop losses
• Choosing markets that are appropriate for you
• Building discipline as a trader
• How to learn from your trading mistakes

With Jake’s extensive research into investor psychology, even seasoned traders
will learn important tips and tricks for building discipline and structure into their trading methods.

Please visit the following web address to register for the seminar:

or email to sign up today!


Jake Bernstein (杰克 伯恩斯坦)- 有超过43年的国际股票、外汇、期货培训经验,通过教授卓越的交易方法,使分布在全球各地的学生受益。
• 交易要有规则
• 用100%客观的方法交易
• 市场的本质
• 典型交易者的命运
• 交易模型的结构
• 利润最大化策略
• 关于市场的谬论
• 经纪人是帮助你还是伤害你?
• 外汇市场潜在的收益率
• 信息、观点和新闻的价值
• 冲动的表现及其对利润的损害
• 避免市场随机的变化产生的危险
• 风险管理和适时的停止亏损
• 选择适合你的市场进行交易
• 约束自己
• 如何从你的失误中学习


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