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Jake Bernstein | High Odds Widget (H.O.W.) Trading System


High Odds Widget Trading System  (H.O.W.)

Can you trade with up to 90%+ Accuracy? H.O.W. SAYS “YES!” 


The Reality of Trading

Having been in the markets for over 45 years, I can truly say that my many trades and vast experience with trading have been truly educational. Among the many significant trading lessons I have learned, one stands out as highly important: There are essentially two ways to make money in the markets. You can trade for lower accuracy with higher profits or you can trade for higher accuracy with lower profits. It’s much easier to predict the next few days or the next few minutes or the next few seconds than it is to predict the next few months or the next few years. The reason high-frequency trading makes so much darned money is because the ability to accurately predict the next few milliseconds is extremely high. The smaller profit per signal is compensated for by larger positions.

And here is the ultimate question: Do you sell two widgets for $500,000 each with low odds of success, or 1 million widgets for one dollar a piece but with high odds of success? The outcome is the same but the concept is very different. It’s easier to find many buyers for $1 each than a few buyers at $500,000 each.

The Huge Benefits of High Accuracy Trading

Another thing I learned about myself and about many other traders is that accuracy can be much more important than average profit per trade. If you’re trading with high accuracy and making profits much more often than taking losses, your psychology will be positive. You will have a winning attitude. Your positive attitude will lead to confidence. Confidence will increase discipline. Increased discipline will lead to increased profits. And so, by taking fewer consecutive losses and more consecutive profits, you will learn to be a more confident trader and as a consequence a more profitable trader. Once you have achieved success on a smaller scale, you can increase position size and you can add to your repertoire strategies with lower accuracy but with higher average profit per trade. It’s really quite simple.

My New SUPER HIGH Accuracy Trading System

Trading systems can be tricky. Unless they are developed properly using the correct optimization, and out of sample procedure, they will look good based on historical data but they will not go forward in real time. My new system, High Odds Widget Trading System (HOW) is truly amazing in its accuracy. I have spent many hours developing the system the correct way in order to improve its likelihood of going forward in real time profitably and consistent with back tested performance.

HOW, as you can see from the track record below, is super impressive. 

Remember, however, it is extremely short-term with most trades lasting three days or less. This is a good thing exactly for the reasons described above. But in spite of its stellar record, it may not be right for you if you’re not a high odds short term trader.

If you’re looking for an incredibly high accuracy trading strategy based on a very straightforward, simple and demonstrable concept, and you agree with my statements about short-term trading and high accuracy,

H.O.W. Trading Strategy: Summary 2002-2016


Everything Is There
The High Odds Widget Short-Term program provides everything. It tells you, every day
  • which futures in its basket to buy or sell
  • exactly where to get in
  • exactly where to get out
  • exactly what your risk is
  • current positions
  • follow up on open trades
  • new orders
  • the precise order type to place
  • complete track record
  • And many different metrics of historical performance data

    It’s a complete program designed to help you take advantage of high probability short-term market swings consistent with what I have described above. 
    If you attended my recent webinar series, then you have a basic idea of the system and you have seen me discuss it in great detail.
    Only 15 Copies of my New System are Now Available

    H.O.W. is by far and away the absolute highest accuracy and best short-term trading system I have ever developed. I am offering the system complete with manual and instructions as well as my technical support to a very limited number of traders who want the impressive high accuracy that this system has been able to demonstrate. I will monitor the markets to see if my initial 15 systems are adversely affecting performance and if not then I will release more copies.  So if you recognize the importance of high probability, huge maximum consecutive wins, very low consecutive losses, and consistent performance, then I strongly suggest you order the system today before all copies are gone (and judging from previous experience we will be sold out very quickly).
    What markets does H.O.W.Trade?
    With some knowledge of proper optimization procedures you can train my new system for practically any market in futures Forex or stocks that you want. In its present form the markets included in the system that is available to you today are:
    Crude Oil, Euro FX, Yen, Gold and Dow Jones futures (YM $5 Dow)
    What You Will Get

    When you order the H.O.W. system you will get the following:
    • complete technical support from me
    • installation instructions
    • daily procedure instructions
    • the procedures manual (video)
    • the ability to generate a daily orders report
    • the ability to generate complete track records and
    • on Genesis Platinum - the ability to develop the system on any market you like
    • any future upgrades to the system, and finally
    • my comments on how to maximize performance using multiple posit
    H.O.W. Pricing and Delivery
    The H.O.W. strategy will be delivered to you by e-mail on or before 15 January 2016. Cost is $1495 to current and former clients who will get first priority on the limited number of copies initially available.  Non-client price is $2495.  H.O.W. is NOT A BLACK BOX system. ALL RULES and logic are fully revealed.  There is no secret sauce.   This is why I ask you NOT to share the rules with anyone else. Having hundreds of traders use this method will likely denigrate its performance.

    Order Immediately if you’re Serious

    I do believe that all currently available copies will be gone within a few hours.
    If so we can add you to the wait list

    To Order - CLICK HERE

    OR CALL 800-678-5253 or 831-430-0600

    If you have any questions, call me.

    Best of trading to you



Wednesday, December 30, 2015

See Jake Bernstein at the Traders Expo New York - Feb 21

Join me for my presentation:
Real Trading Tools for Real Traders
Sunday, , February 21
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST

Refine Your Futures and Options Trading Skills
and Get New Trade Ideas

Join me, Jake Bernstein at The Traders Expo New York, February 21-23,
for three days of first hand mentoring from myself and 70+ elite traders.


There will be live trading sessions, product demos, hands-on access
to trading platforms, and exclusive discounts.

There’s also programming created specifically for options and futures traders,
with everything from proven analysis techniques, high-probability set-ups for
day and swing trading, and option strategies to fit any objective.

Take a look at the optional paid-for event that I'll be presenting at the
conference, plus, register FREE to gain access to all of the free workshops
the Expo has to offer!
Don't miss out on the most interactive trader event in the country!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Easy Way To Day Trade | Webinar

You asked for it and now it’s back!

Jake Bernstein presents
The Easy Way to Day Trade WEBINAR
3 SESSIONS: 24, 25, 26 JANUARY  2016

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Dear Trader,

I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to day trade.
The bad news is that it’s harder than ever to day trade. What the heck does that mean?
What kind of doubletalk is that? It’s really simple. Day trading is easier than ever because
software is more powerful, commissions are the lowest ever, price executions are the fastest ever,
and price movements are frequent and plentiful. On the other hand, competition is more fierce t
han ever, volatility means that larger stops are necessary, the geopolitical backdrop often causes
large and frequently unpredictable price movements, and constant attention to your trades is
critical to success.

It Makes Me Very Sad
Almost every day I get email from new traders who want the secret to successful daytrading.
It makes me sad to know that the overwhelming majority of these newcomers will lose their money
very quickly. It makes me sad to know that they have been misled into thinking that day trading
is their key to wealth and success. It makes me sad to know that they believe they have a chance
to be successful in competing with some of the best, most experienced, most technologically
advanced, and best capitalized traders in the world. You can’t just walk into the high-stakes poker room
at a Las Vegas casino believing that with no experience and no skills you can compete with the
best players in the world. It’s absolutely ludicrous! And yet I see them come every day with a
small amount of money in their pockets, great hope, and huge ignorance. The good news is that the
situation is not hopeless. What to do?

Knowledge Is Power But Not Without Skill

You can have the most powerful trading tools in the world, however, unless you not use them
you will be a loser. Unless your procedures and organization and capitalization are correct,
good trading methods will not help you. Unless you have a profit maximizing strategy and
risk management strategy, your trading tools will help you.

Unless you have the time and commitment to daytrading, most of the tools out there won’t help you.
Having a great or even a good trading methodology is the beginning of the process not the
end of the process.

How DayTrading Seduces Traders

It’s the great American dream! Begin with nothing and create success. Is it still possible?
How about beginning with a different goal? How about approaching daytrading as an organized
business with specific rules and procedures? How about beginning the process with baby steps
and progressing to the stature of a giant? The lure of daytrading has been perpetuated by system sellers, brokers, charlatans, seminar presenters, and others who would love nothing more than to separate
you from your cash. Many of them don’t even trade! Being a day trader or thinking you’re a day trader
or saying you're a day trader has a certain appeal to it. Imagine that: buying and selling things that don’t
exist with money you don’t have. What a concept!

Remember that the concept is pure, but the reality is messy.
Let me show you how to harness reality.

Join Me for Three Detailed Lessons on Day Trading the Easy Way

Now that I’m 69 years old, my priorities have evolved to the extent that efficiency, ease of execution,
and more bang for the buck are tops on my list. I like to work smart, not hard. Many of you have
asked me to share my best and most efficient daytrading methods with you; methods that are efficient,
easy to implement, and not labor or time intensive. I will do exactly that in my three-session
day trading webinar.

 Here are the details:

Session 1: SUNDAY, 24 JANUARY - 4:00-5:30 PM PST

•    3 Day Trading Methods: Details, Rules, Examples

•    Trades for tomorrow

•    Order entry and execution

•    Which markets / stocks are best?

•    Managing risk and margin

Session 2: MONDAY 25  JANUARY - 6:00-8:00 AM PST

•    Entry and exit examples

•    Live charts and signals

•    Setups, triggers and follow through

•    What to expect

•    Trades for tomorrow

Session 3: TUESDAY 26 JANUARY - 6:00-8:00 AM PST

•    What trades have triggered

•    Summary of yesterday

•    Entry and exit examples

•    Live charts and signals

•    Setups, triggers and follow through

•    What to expect

•    Trades for tomorrow



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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Trading Tips, Tricks and Tools Webinar

Beginning 4 December 2015
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM PT

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My BEST trading webinar series of the year!

Dear Trader:
After you’ve been trading for nearly half a century as I have, you realize that there are many
experiential aspects to trading which can only be learned through time, trial and error. I have had
those trials and tribulations thousands of times and through thousands of trades.  More often than not,
the best way to learn is from those who have lived through trials and tribulations, victories and successes.

There are many things I’ve picked up along the way that have helped me immeasurably in
my goals as a trader. In my new Webinar series, I will share many of them with you.

For the first time ever in a webinar series, I will teach you many tips and tricks and timing tools
I’ve picked up along the way. I will introduce several new timing triggers that I’ve been working
on and I will discuss with you, complete with examples, methods I’ve developed to get the most
out of each and every trade from start to finish!

During this three-session series, I will touch in detail on all of the areas below, sharing with you my
extensive experience in each of these important trading skills. Everything I will teach you applies to
stocks and futures and Forex.

Here is a partial list of topics:

Knowing when to bend the rules
Knowing when to not bend the rules
Making timing triggers work better: a few smart tricks (see the chart below)

3 Sessions: 90 Minutes Each

Each session of this new series will be 90 minutes long and jam-packed with specific examples, illustrations, and explanations. In cases where strategies are rule-based I will tell you the rules and show you the applications. In some cases, however, I only have my experience to support what I’m showing you and I will make absolutely clear when that is the case. Naturally, I strive for complete objectivity in everything I do, but I will certainly let you know when opinions and interpretation may be necessary.

All sessions will be recorded

If you can’t attend the live sessions, the recorded sessions will be available to you within 24 hours for on demand viewing at your leisure.
During the sessions I will be available for all questions and you can write me after the sessions
if you have questions or need further clarifications.

Have you ever wondered?

If you ever wondered what valuable information exists between the lines of what we do as traders,
then my new series will help you measurably. I believe that just a few of the tricks, tips, and tools you
will learn in the sessions will be transformative in your trading. Just one of my valuable suggestions
could help you vastly improve your profits and skills as a trader. Some of what I will show you,
you may already know. In such cases my observations may reinforce your knowledge or encourage
you to change what you’re doing. Some of my tips tricks and tools, however, may be completely new t
o you as well as immeasurably helpful.

Join me

So join me in this new series and learn from my vast and lengthy experience in the markets.
This could make all the difference in the world to you. And if it does, then I feel I will have accomplished
one of my goals as a provider of solid market education.

If you have questions please write me:

See you at the webinar!


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Jake Bernstein | 2016 Annual Forecast

Attend the my timely
and critically important FORECAST
Learn what the markets hold in store.

JAKE BERNSTEIN | 2016 Annual Forecast
Presented SUNDAY, 15 November 2015
3-Hour Webinar 2:00-5:00 PM PT

Order the recording:

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Get ready for the massive volatility that could shake
worldwide economies to the core of their foundations!

Dear Trader / Investor:

Central banks throughout the world have continued to print more and more fiat money as
their preferred method of avoiding financial catastrophe. The odds of serious inflation grow
every second, It’s only a question of time before most world economies find themselves
in the jaws of potentially crippling inflation, but few experts believe them!

Based on my solid research, patterns, cycles, timing, and economic history, I believe that
in 2016 many markets which are currently out-of-favor have the potential to begin huge moves
to the upside. Among some of the markets that could begin explosive moves upward in 2016
are copper, precious metals, energies, and – believe it or not – some of the currencies
vs. the US Dollar!

You need to ask yourself why insiders are currently accumulating large long positions in markets
such as the European currency, Japanese yen, vs. US dollars, and some of the food and agricultural commodities.

My 2016 annual forecast will open your eyes to the big moves that are likely waiting us right around
the corner. Here are some of the specific opportunities I will alert you to in my 2016 forecast:

Long-term cycles forecast for every major futures market
Intermediate-term cycles forecast for every major futures market
Long-term cycles forecast for US stocks and Hang Seng
Intermediate term cycles forecast for US stocks and Hang Seng
Price and time projections for all major markets
Copper: the next big upside mover - why commercials are buying
Heavy insider buying in euro and yen: what does it mean?
Interest rates: the great gift comes to an end
Real estate forecast: the best is yet to come
Four energy stocks to buy now
Will lumber surge to new all-time highs in 2016?
The 6 best seasonal trades for 2016
How to prepare for the inevitable and unavoidable inflation
Will the grains finally explode? Is that starting now?
Clear and powerful signals now being generated by the COT
Coffee explodes as predicted: what’s next?
Crude oil: bargain of the decade?
The future of agricultural commodities
The social media bubble: why these stocks could collapse in 2016
Terrorism and the markets: what you need to know and do now
Specific support and resistance levels in all major markets
My inflation protection portfolio: an absolute must!
Trading bitcoin: yes or no?
My forecast for US farmland was totally right. What’s next?
HUGE profits coming in the yield curve spread? How to get on board
Record volatility awaits: how to harness and profit from it in 2016
Electronic trading security threats: how to protect yourself
And much more

You MUST Prepare for the Coming Economic Upheavals
Join me on Sunday, 15 November 2016 for my 2016 Annual Forecast Webinar, which
I believe will be the absolute best, most specific, and perhaps most controversial forecast
I have ever given. My goal as always is to educate, to facilitate profits, to protect assets, and to provide alternatives.


At my 2016 Annual Forecast Webinar, I will leave no stone unturned. I will give you my BEST
and most specific forecasts and I will back them up with charts, indicators, facts and cycles.

Join me for the a 3-hour eye-opening wakeup call

Join me for an unforgettable forecast that could well make the difference in your financial future,
whether you’re an investor, producer, trader or speculator. My work is solid, documented and revealing.
You may not agree with everything I say, but my history of accurate forecasts merits your attention and consideration.

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Best of Trading,


Friday, July 3, 2015

FIND IT - TRADE IT - MAXIMIZE IT - 6 Session Trading Webinar Series


MY ALL NEW 6 Session Trading Webinar Series
100% Objective and Rule-based Trading Methods

Fridays - BEGINNING 31 JULY 2015
3:30 - 5:00 PM PDT

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Dear Trader:
Finding good trades is only one third of the equation to success in the markets. However, most traders fail at the first step because they do not have 100% rule-based, clearly defined trading methods. Research clearly shows that most trading methods being used by traders these days simply don’t work. The sad truth that emerges from this sad situation is that most traders are defeated before they even begin the game. Because futures trading is a zero sum game; because there is a winner for every loser; because successful traders make the money that unsuccessful traders lose; and because most traders are unable to find that needle in the haystack, the number of losers in trading will likely always exceed the number of winners.


STEP 1: Find It!

My new six session webinar series will focus on 3 critically important aspects of trading. Every Friday for six weeks I will focus on 4 specific trading methods, each 100% RULE BASED. I will explain each trading method in its entirety in our first session. I will give you all the rules and I will give you examples. You will know the rules and I will as well. Then, using rule-based procedures I will show you trades in a variety of markets that are either set up for the next week or which have already triggered and are ready to trade.

STEP 2: Trade I!

The second step in maximizing positive outcomes is to enter trades in the correct fashion. This means using the right order type at the right time, the appropriate stop loss and profit target, and the appropriate follow-up procedure. The details of these procedures will be provided to you, clearly and specifically so that you can follow the outcome of each set up and trigger. This is the best way to learn the application of my trading methods as well as the proper implementation procedures. It’s one thing to find trades with potential; however, it is an entirely separate matter to use the correct orders for entry, exit and follow-up. Every week we will examine the trades that were picked the week before and see how they turned out.

STEP 3: Maximize It!

Additionally, we will track all selected trades using several profit maximizing procedures which I will teach you. All trades in step one will be followed through to completion. Profit maximizing strategies are essential for successful trading and must be implemented without fail. Once you see how my profit maximizing strategies can make a big difference in your bottom-line, I believe you will be convinced of their value.

An excellent opportunity to learn SOLID METHODS

Very few traders in this business are willing to share their methods.
The reason is simple: Most of them don’t have a method or methods; they simply have judgment, interpretation, and intuition which in my view are incompatible with success in trading.


If I taught you trading methods or systems that required you to use judgment or to interpret anything in my work, then you would be wasting your time and money attending my webinar series. However, that will not be the case. There will be no “secret sauce”. There will be no “analysis”. There will be no “looks like”. All procedures, rules, and selections will be determined with solid rules which you will know in advance in which you will understand with complete clarity.

Questions and Answers

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered at the session. You also have access to me by email between sessions.


To register, please click below for registration information

If you have questions about my new webinar series don’t hesitate to ask.
See you there!

Jake Bernstein

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Thursday, June 18, 2015


Think it -Test it - Develop it - TRADE IT/2
3 Part Trading System Development WEBINAR SERIES


ALL SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDED and available for your on demand viewing 

Trading System Development - 3 Sessions 
July 22, 29 and August 5   3:00 - 4:30 PM PDT

All sessions are recorded for ON DEMAND viewing.

If you are unable to attend a live session, recordings are posted online.

Learn how to develop your own trading system...

My Trading System Development Webinars were a big hit – so much so that many of you
want me to do it again with an entirely DIFFERENT trading concept.
In 3 sessions of 90 minutes each we will begin with a technical tool or pattern,
we will develop into a trading system, we will CORRECTLY optimize it,
and we will test it thoroughly. When we are done you KEEP the system.

The system we will develop is based on a concept that has huge potential. 
By developing my idea into a system we will find out if my expectations are correct.

What I will teach you step by step :
  • We will develop a new trading system from the ground up, and it’s yours to keep 
  • I will show you a potentially VERY POWERFUL patterns that are waiting to be turned into a system
  • I will provide precise details on risk management and profit maximizing strategies 
  • I will take you through the entire process step by step and in detail 
  • Meetings will be 90 minutes each for 3 sessions 
  • Everything I teach you will be 100% specific and rule-based 
  • All procedures will be clarified so that you can develop systems on your own 
  • I will teach you effective methods for realistically optimizing trading systems
    on your own 
  • And much more

we develop a system that would ordinarily sell for up to $3900

Here is how it will work: 3 Sessions - 90 minutes each as follows:

Session 1: Refining a concept and an indicator

How to find indicators that work-what are your choices? 
How to determine where to begin and what indicators to use 
How patterns develop into indicators for FUTURES, STOCKS and FOREX
What potentially profitable patterns look like: 3 exact examples

You do NOT need to know how to write computer code!
We will NOT be programming anything.

We will use the built in features of Genesis to develop and test our system(s).  
You do not need to be a programmer to learn what I will teach you.

Session 2: Turning the Indicator into a strategy
  • How to go from indicator to strategy - the step-by-step process in greater detail
  • Quick scan testing the signals for profit potential with my NEW indicator
  • Adjusting the signals for consistent performance using a rational optimizing method
  • Adding a stop loss to the signals
  • Adding a profit maximizing strategy for best results with lowest risk: your choices

Session 3: Developing the strategy into
an objective and diversified trading system
  • How to back test the strategy in different time frames
  • How to optimize for best results without over-optimizing
  • Adjusting the stops and profit targets for best results
  • Knowing which markets to trade for best performance
  • How to apply high return profit management methods
  • Building a strategy basket