Thursday, October 13, 2011

Generational Opportunities in Real Estate

My First Ever REAL ESTATE Webinar presented
with Jordan Wirsz, CEO, Jordan Wirsz International

7, 8,10 - NOVEMBER 2011
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday


The time to invest in real estate and real estate stocks is N0W
but where, and what, and how?
*These sessions will be recorded for ON DEMAND viewing.

Join Jordan and me for a 3 session Webinar
that will answer all your questions clearly,
comprehensively and objectively.

Here is what we will feature in this 3 PART SERIES -
90 minutes each session:

  • The amazing real estate cycle: what it’s saying now.
  • Why this may well be the BEST TIME TO BUY REAL ESTATE since the 1980’s
  • Big picture interest rates: WHY the near record lows in interest rates
    make this opportunity
    even better and more likely to happen as predicted
  • There are a few SOLID ways to take advantage of multi-generational opportunities
    to make MASSIVE $$$ in today’s real estate market. What are they?
  • There are dozens of ways to lose your shirt - how to AVOID them
  • Is another catastrophic real estate crash coming?
  • Is it time to run for the hills, or is it time to jump in? We will tell you and show you!
  • HOW, WHEN, WHAT, and WHERE to buy and sell in real estate in today’s environment
  • Flipping vs. Renting properties – which one is best and why and how to do it
  • How , when, and if to finance (leverage) your real estate!
  • Find out HOW to finance properties when very few banks want to lend!
  • IF you get this wrong, it will cost you tens of thousands of dollars!
  • The LAS VEGAS market: Learn what a Las Vegas real estate investor
  • Is doing to make windfall profits while others are losing their shirts in the same market!
  • Secrets of a veteran: How to make more from the same property
  • SIGNS and SIGNALS: what to watch for. How will we know when the turn has started
  • REITS – Real Estate Investment Trusts as an alternative to real estate – how to pick them
  • Stocks that may benefit from the coming housing boom!
  • Which futures markets could soar when the boom begins – is NOW the time?

Join Jordan and me in a 3-part Webinar (90 minutes each session) on
7, 8, 10 - NOVEMBER 2011, 4:30 - 6:00 PM PDT
for what we believe will be the best and most precise information
you can get on board for the coming explosive rally
in properties, real estate related stocks and commodities.

There are number of ways in which to participate in the coming HUGE RALLY
and we will give you our take on how to do it.