Saturday, October 8, 2011

Biggest changes since 1972!

ANNOUNCING…The Jake Bernstein Weekly Capital Markets Report and Analysis

Dear Trader:

I am pleased to announce the most important changes to my weekly newsletter since1972!
Effective this week, the Weekly Commodity Trading Letter will change from
8 information packed pages to 10 focused pages of SOLID and ACTIONABLE
trading ideas, education and analysis, covering stocks, futures, FOREX,
economic trends, cycles, trading patterns and the Commitments of Traders analysis.

Here are some of the very relevant subjects that will be covered as they are applicable:

  • The Jake Bernstein Weekly Capital Markets Report –10 pages-covering futures, stocks, FOREX, COT and more (delivery by email and/or Internet)

  • Coverage of my favorite stock and futurespicks, timing, triggers and forecasts

  • MAJOR MOVES forecasts using my Commitments of Traders Analysis

  • Education Corner Weekly – so you can LEARN to do this on your own

  • The BEST seasonal moves and forecasts

  • Small Trader Sentiment Analysis and Commentary, when relevant

  • Highlights on coming secular and cyclical trend changes

  • Long-term and intermediate-term cycle forecasts

  • Commodity Spreads and Currency Spreads as well as Interest Rate Spreads

  • The DAILY recommendations hotline (beginning November)

  • All SPECIAL REPORTS issued during your subscription

  • The forthcoming Jake Bernstein 2012 FORECAST WEBINAR at no charge

  • And more…

You’ll get solid information based on my 43 + years of experience,
research and trading. Click here to subscribe.