Saturday, October 1, 2011

2011 Year End Trading System Review

Jake Bernstein's Year End Systems Review 
& Year End Systems Sale
2011 Has been a GREAT YEAR for systems...
Click here to see how some of my systems fared! 

JBIT Jake Bernstein Intermediate-Term Trader
Released January 2011
It has been DRAMATIC! JBIT was long gold for the big move 
and went short before the big move down!
Only 4 copies of this great system are available.

BTI 2010 Jake Bernstein Trend Index system:
Released December 2008
BTI is based on my UNIQUE BTI Indicator!
Only 2 systems left – so get on board now!

DAT Day at a Time very short term trading system

Released July 2009
DAT has maintained over 83% accuracy with 2.3 days avg length of trade!

Jake Bernstein Momentum Volatility System
Released August 2010

System Details...
• All systems run under Genesis platinum or gold
• All systems are 100% objective and totally mechanical
• All systems back tested over many years
• All systems based on my trading methods and indicators
• All systems provide EXACT buy or sell signals, entry and exit prices 
• All systems have a stop loss and trailing stop
• Technical support - FREE upgrades when issued
• System sent by e-mail or on disk with installation and running instructions
• IF YOU DO NOT HAVE Genesis we can email signals to you