Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day of Week Trading System Webinar - Dec 29

Dear Trader,

Andrew Black and I are pleased to announce a truly international, complimentary
90 MINUTE Trading Webinar, as Andrew in New Zealand, and I in the United States,
jointly present the underlying principles of my highly accurate
Day of Week trading pattern and system.
Whether or you decide to buy our new Day of Week MAX system (DOWMAX),
that provides daily very short term signals for 18 markets this gratis Webinar
will acquaint you with POWERFUL concepts that I developed within my
SETUP - TRIGGER - FOLLOW THROUGH model, and which Andrew so professionally
programmed and back tested into a solid system that covers all the bases from
entry to exit in one complete and 100% objective package.

Here is what we will show you:

* The DAY of WEEK concept - what it is and how it works
* Best and worst days of the week
* The POWER of close vs. open and its predictive value
* Exit strategies using First Profitable Open or Close
* Do's and Don'ts of back testing and optimization
* Limitations with continuous contracts and out of sample data
* How the Day of Week pattern can help your trading
* Details of the Day of Week MAX system: assets and limitations!

This will be a valuable learning experience for you... and there is no obligation
whatsoever, but SPACE IS LIMITED, since we want to allow for questions and answers...
we will only have 90 minutes to do all of this... so register now before all openings are gone!

Jake Bernstein