Friday, December 30, 2011

Advanced Trader's Sessions 2012

For several years I have been conducting my once weekly 90 minute
Elite Traders Sessions.

The sessions have featured detailed discussions of my trading methods for stocks,
futures spreads, trader psychology, discipline, organization, COT, timing triggers,
market structure, day trades, the Euro FX trade, the Friday-Monday gold trade,
risk management and much more.

The information I provided was clear, specific, objective and actionable.
I thank all those who sent me letters of thanks and praise, as well as those
who sent me suggestions.
I have had MANY requests to take the trading sessions to an even higher level
for more advanced traders, and those who have "graduated" and seek more methods,
more details, more trading patterns and more specifics.

Accordingly I will continue to conduct my Elite Traders Sessions on Saturdays,
but I will ADD a new series called:

Advanced Traders Sessions (ATS)
Sessions will be on Thursdays for 90 minutes - 6 sessions
Beginning 19 January 4:00 PM to 5:30 USA PST

Here is what I'll feature at ATS:

* NEW trading research, systems and methods
* NEW trading patterns (first time ever presented)
* Improved profit maximizing and trailing stop strategies (first time ever presented)
* Intermediate term timing using COT timing triggers (first time ever presented)
* Shorter term spread trading using seasonals
* Timing and swing trading spreads with divergence
* Intermediate term seasonals (first time ever presented)
* Higher frequency SWING trading using a unique channel method (first time ever presented)
* Using the Depth of Market method for maximizing entry and exit
* At least one DAY TRADING method for Tbonds and S&P (first time ever presented)
* Daily procedures for advanced and more active trading
* High focus and precision in trade selection
* And much more

My weekly Saturday ETS sessions will continue to provide trades, reviews of
completed trades, patterns and procedures and more.
Can you take the ETS and the ATS together?
Yes. ATS builds on the knowledge and specificity of ETS.
ATS is not recommended for beginners who have not attended the ETS program
or who are not familiar with my work but you CAN take both together and you'll get
the multiple Webinar discount (see the registration links below).*

Join me at yet another hands-on clear and concise learning experience without the "looks like,
" artistic, mumbo jumbo and interpretive nonsense that is so prevalent today.
Get REAL and SOLID objective and rule based tools you can use immediately
with clarity and confidence.

If you have questions please write me

Jake Bernstein