Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Major Moves Alerts (MMA)

Jake Bernstein Announces... 
The Major Moves Alert Service (MMA)


The changes that are likely to begin during the next 6 months could very well be generational or secular changes that may shape the future of economies and the
fate of investors and traders for many years to come.

The good news is that I expect the coming moves to be exceptionally large.

The bad news is that most traders and investors will be sadly unprepared. 

Don’t let that happen to you!

Several years ago when real estate markets and real estate stocks were bottoming, my forecasts were clear, consistent, and persistent. I told clients to buy, when to buy, and 
what to buy. The upmoves have been nothing short of dramatic. This was not the first time that my forecasts have been spot on and it won’t be the last time. Of course, I won’t always be right, but I believe that my 44+ years of experience combined with my insightful research skills and proprietary indicators have the ability to identify and pinpoint the next big moves (and I expect these to begin very soon).

As I write these words I see phenomenal opportunities developing in the grain and |
soybean markets, interest rates, coffee, sugar, cocoa, natural gas, heating oil, lumber,
and last, but not least of all, in the metals markets (all of which have viable stock ETFs). 

Common thinking and brainwashing by the media may lead you to the erroneous
conclusion that world economies are heading into a period of recession, deflation, 
or worse.They will be wrong.

If you have attended my webinars, then you KNOW what I’m expecting. 

Almost every day I receive emails and telephone calls from all over the world asking
for my specific advice on trading and investment decisions in everything from grain
prices to retirement investments. Frankly, I do not have the time to accommodate all
the requests. 

Because time is the most precious commodity that I have, I will contract my time out to the highest bidders. Still, however, I cannot meet all the demands on my time.

Clients of my webinars, research, and seminars come from every walk of investment life. 
They include some of the biggest and best-known names in the hedge fund and banking business as well as individual traders and speculators, corporations, ranchers, producers, and even other market information providers. 

I would like to make my specific trades and recommendations available to everyone when 
and as these opportunities develop. 
To do so will require constant monitoring of my methods and systems, 
as well as the resources to inform interested parties of opportunities as soon as they develop even if this occurs when most investors or traders are fast asleep.

Here are the details:
  • MMA will be published WHEN and AS needed no matter when I see new triggers 
    for intermediate-term opportunities
  • I will focus on futures and stocks that offer LARGE PROFIT opportunities only!
  • SPECIFIC buy, sell and stop-loss details will be given at EVERY opportunity
  • Focus will be on a LIMITED number of commodity markets and stocks 
  • MMA will monitor major opportunities until the end of January 2014
  • I will target timing on HUGE moves in grains, metals, cocoa, coffee, sugar,and lumber, 
    as well as on selected stocks, and secular (long-term) trend changes coming in 
    energies and interest rates
  • My analysis will use cycles, COT, small trader sentiment and precise TIMING TRIGGERS that form a highly reliable pattern
  • You will get at least 2 extensively written (20 or more pages) monthly letters by email, but timing reports could come at any time I see triggers and/or opportunities no matter how often I see them

Here’s the focus MMA will give you:

I will focus on the following commodity markets and their ETFs in order to pinpoint the start
 of the monster moves I’m expecting. 

CHARTS and LOGIC for each recommended trade
will be included on: 

Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, Soybeans, Corn, Wheat, 30 Year TBonds, 10 Year TNotes, Euro FX, Aussie and Kiwi $, Peso, Yen, US$, S&P, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar, Lumber, Cotton and 2 major stocks in each of 15 stock sectors (i.e., energy, biotech, technology, internet etc).

I WILL include buy and sell hedge advice for grain and livestock producers as well as my view on REAL ESTATE.

Why I will strictly limit the number of Subscriptions

Frequently my recommendations can move markets. I want to keep that to a minimum. I do not want to be in a situation where I recommend a buy or sell at market and see a surge or drop in price as a result. That doesn’t help me or you. I do not want to see a situation where 
I recommend entering at a specific price and the market comes to within a tick or two and 
we do not get filled. By limiting access these situations are minimized.

As a subscriber you can write me any time with specific questions and be prepared for immediate notification from me as soon as I see a trigger or triggers. 

But do note – these will NOT BE SHORT-TERM TRADES.


Best of trading,