Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Concepts in Short-Term Trading

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New Concepts in Short-Term Trading
A 2-Hour Webinar by Jake Bernstein

Wednesday, 4  September  2013  

3:30-5:30 PM USA Pacific Time

*These sessions will be recorded for ON DEMAND viewing.

Here’s the agenda for the New Concepts in Short-Term Trading Webinar:

  • The best time frames for short-term trading
  • How to TIME PRECISE market entry with small trader sentiment
  • The INSIDE bar and OUTSIDE bar patterns with timing 
  • Short-Term Bernstein Trend Indicator
  • Clear examples and exact rules
  • Step-by-step walk through of each pattern
  • Best markets for short-term application of the patterns
  • Time of Day Pattern
  • And more
Dear Traders and Investors:

Time and the markets wait for no one. As technology continues to advance
at a record-breaking pace, traders with powerful research tools continue to develop
high-frequency methods designed to capitalize on small but predictable moves
in the stock and futures markets. Unless you have the computing power,
the programming know-how, and the right co-location to maximize
high-frequency trading, this approach is not for you.

You will not make money as a high-frequency trader because you are competing
with the biggest and the best, abundantly financed players in the business.
Your competition among others, is Goldman Sachs. To compete with these guys
would be like going to the high-stakes poker room in Las Vegas and competing
with professional players. 

It’s suicide!

Let’s be reasonable and logical
For traders who are familiar with my basic tools, momentum divergence, seasonality
,and moving average channel, the markets offer many opportunities in many
 different time frames. However, as progressive traders, we are always looking for new,
 better,and more efficient tools. The old standard tools get the job done admirably, 
however, the research capabilities that we have give us opportunities to surpass these ideas
and indeed, to develop new ones. 

My goal in trading and investing has been to move ever forward and ever higher. 

My secondary goal has been to do solid, meaningful, objective, and actionable researchand to share that research with my loyal clients. Such research has caused me to reject the mythical, mystical and magical, and to embrace the objective, reasonable, logical, and valid methodologies which offer clear and concise entry and exits, as well as profit potential to all individuals. I reject the value of art and creativity in making trading decisions, and I place great value on logically developed systems, tools, and methods.

My New Research

After having written and published over 40 books, I know the routine.
I can write a book, sell the book to publisher for a $10,000 advance or more immediately.
After that I will get 15% of the retail price as long as the book remains in print.
It’s a simple formula and it makes money, but it’s a long and laborious process
that can take as much as a year. And by then the information can be old.
Electronic publishing is faster, but still not as fast as getting research to you by Webinar. As such, I plan to present three of my newly researched short-term
trading concepts to you by webinar. This approach is the culmination of an effort that’s been over ten years in development.

Times have Changed – Short-Term Market Behavior has Changed
We need to Change!

These are not your grandmother’s markets anymore. 
These are not the relatively quiet markets of the 1970's or 1980's. 
Nowadays, it’s commonplace for a stock to move as much as 10%
in one day or for a futures market to move 2% in one day. 

Many of these moves occur literally overnight. I believe that there are ways 
in which the short-term trader can grab some of these big moves with reasonable
and objective consistency using the new methods I have developed. 
Get on board with my latest research and give yourself an opportunity to see the results in your trading.

Remember, these methods are not for investors or long-term traders. 

These are approaches that average anywhere from several hours, to a few days in trade length. They require attention, consistency, and above all doing your homework at the end of each day.