Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trading In Depth Webinar Series

Trading in Depth (TID) Webinar Series

Begins Friday, 6 September 2013
3:30 - 5:00 PM USA Pacific Time 

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  • Trading is all about results, but results depend on several critical factors.
  • Winning results are about method, procedure, discipline, attention to detail, and risk management, combined with profit maximizing strategies.
  • Unless you have all of the above, you will lose... or your performance will not improve. The good news is that these can all be learned.
  • Unless you implement effective and objective strategies, you will never realizeyour full potential as a trader or investor... even if you know all the rules and methods…it’s all about consistent implementation.
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TIME is the most precious commodity...make the MOST of your time 
by investing in 6 consecutive, once weekly Trading in Depth (TID) Webinar Sessions beginning on Friday, 6 September 2013

Attention to Detail... from Before the Trade...
to the End of the Trade

Every week I will cover 4 futures markets and 6 stocks using 2 precise and fully objective methods. These will be unduplicated and essentially uncorrelated markets and stocks. THE SAME MARKETS will be shown in detail every week with signals and trades for the coming week. ALL SIGNALS will be followed through from start to end for complete consistency. 

I will explain why each trade was chosen, and all the entry and exit rules including risk and profit potential. The focus will be on results and 100% clarity. There will be no 20/20 hindsight. All trades will be selected by the rules BEFORE the fact, and all trades will be examined as to results and follow-up the next week, so you can see exactly what happened. 

This is by far and away the best way to learn... and you won’t have 
to travel or spend thousands of dollars to get this valuable education.

What I will do and how it can help you!

There are very few places either on the Internet or in print where you can get specific, rule-based, objective, and clear information on trading methods and systems, as well as follow-through on signals, until they have been completed either at profit or loss. My new webinar series will give this to you every week with 100% clarity and complete objectivity.

Actionable Strategies and Trades with all Details Every Week!

This new series of highly focused webinars will continue to provide you with 100% rule-based strategies, as well as examples and specific trades based on my rules for the coming week. I will show you trades in all the same futures and stocks. Without a doubt, the goal, more than ever before will be on implementation, precise follow-through, and the results which can only come from the proper structure and framework. If you have attended my previous market mastery webinars, then you will find my new series will take you to the next level!

15-Minute Review of Trades Developing 
in other Stocks and Futures Every Week!

This new series will also feature a 15-minute review of forthcoming signals 
and triggers in other markets.
  • Every week the same 4 futures and 6 stocks – no jumping around
  • All trades are short-term, not day trade 
  • We will use daily charts and signals 
  • Set-up, trigger and follow-through 
  • Newly developing trades 
  • 15-minute synopsis of developing trades in other futures and stocks 
  • Answers to your questions every week

Join me at the best trading webinar series yet!

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