Monday, October 1, 2012

Precision Timing with the 8 O/C Trading Method

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It is a rare event indeed for me to invite another trader to present a webinar 
with me. When I do it is only because I believe that individual has valuable research,
and/or a timing indicator that is worthwhile either as a stand-alone method or as a filter
for one of my methods. 

In 2010 I invited Christian Helmut, a trader in Spain, as well as one of my past 
mentoring students to teach his excellent filter for my short-term 8 open/close
timing trigger. The filter can be used on daily, weekly or intraday data as well
as on tick charts. 

Christian has been working hard these last few years to refine his filtering method
 of the 8 O/C and he has done so with DRAMATIC improvement. 

He showed me his NEW work and I AM IMPRESSSED; so much so that I have
 invited him back to present the entire UPGRADED and ADVANCED 8 O/C method
in detail, with all rules and crystal clear examples in numerous time frames. 
I believe that you will find the changes vastly improve the 8 O/C when used
with my profit maximizing strategy, and I thank Christian for bringing it to me.

The Advanced 8 O/C Filtering Webinar includes:

ADVANCED Open/Close filter method with DMI
• New trigger method
• Filtering for risk
• How I use 8 O/C for day trading
• Rules of application and implementation
• Examples on daily charts
• Examples on weekly charts
• Examples on intraday charts
• Using the method with Tick Charts
• Implementing the profit maximizing strategy

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IF YOU cannot attend the live session then sign up for the replay.

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Jake Bernstein