Saturday, September 29, 2012

Market Mastery Series 3 Begins October 20

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Learn and Earn with 100% Objective Tools that WORK!

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Market Mastery Webinar Series III

Here's how it works:

We will meet on Saturdays (USA) weekly for 90 minutes.

  • FOCUS will be on 6 different diversified markets including currencies, metals, financials and agricultural commodities. Emphasis will be on OBJECTIVITY, RESULTS and 100% CLARITY!
  • I will also include spreads and stocks in my stable of markets.
  • Every week I will select THREE specific trades for the coming week,based on clear, objective, and rule-based methodology, which I will teach you, and which you may already know from my previous sessions.
  • I will invite your input, questions and concerns in the decision-making process
  • PROCESS will be the key ingredient in what we do. I want you to see how I approach the decision-making process logically, intelligently, and from a risk-based perspective which includes setup trigger and follow-through.
  • We will track all trades from start to finish precisely and accurately.
  • MY GOAL is to show you how we accomplish all of this professionally, operationally, objectively, and without emotion.
  • Where possible I will also show lower risk alternative strategies for trades that may require larger risk.

Here are the major areas of focus:

  • 4 Methods with 100% rule based objectivity
  • TRADER psychology and discipline
  • Profit maximizing strategies
  • NEW pattern research and methods
    (like the Friday-Monday gold pattern)
  • And more . . .

Above and beyond anything stated above I plan this series to be the most productive
opportunity I have offered to date and I will encourage input, questions,
and participation in the decision-making process.

As always, I invite your questions about the new series and I look forward to seeing
you there in what promises to be the most educational and exciting
webinar-based learning experience.

Best of Trading,

Jake Bernstein