Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jake Bernstein | 2013 Webinar Package

2013 Webinar Package

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Many of you have requested a single price webinar fee for all of 2013. 
In other words, you want access to all my 2013 Webinars at one price 
that includes everything no matter how many I do, and no matter what
the total price may be. That is a reasonable request because it will save
all of us time and money.

If you had attended all of my webinars this year, (over 67 sessions), 
you would have spent well over $9,800 (at the Non-Client Price).
In 2013, registration costs for all sessions will easily exceed $9,800...
($6500 at the Client Discount Price).

This offer includes access to my 8 Session
Market Mastery Series (MMS) Webinars in 2013!

With the 2013 Webinar Package, you will save big bucks,
and get to attend as many, or all of my quality webinars 
as you want, automatically, for the year.

As usual, all sessions are recorded for on demand viewing, (audio, and video).

This is one heck of a deal...better than last year!

* This offer is not retroactive. 

This offer includes all webinars including emergency webinars, with the exception 
of special webinars that I will run for current and future mentoring students or any webinars I speak at with, and/or for other firms or individuals. 
The 2fer promotional card is not applicable with this offer.

P.S. This is truly an incredible offer for you, which will end on November 25, 2012.


Jake Bernstein