Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jake Bernstein Trading Seminar - SFO September 17-19 2011

Trading Reality or Trading Insanity ...the choice is yours

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Let’s face it – there’s a lot of totally worthless trading information out there.
And let’s also be real about the fact that the Internet has made matters worse.
The bottom line is that an overwhelming majority of the trading “tools” trading “tips,”
so called systems and methods, are totally useless or worse.
They will waste your money, and more seriously your time.
My work is different. It’s 100% rule-based. It’s 100% objective.
My work has the 5 major elements that are utterly lacking in 90%
of what is out there today.

3 Days in San Francisco...
17-19 September 2011

Bring me your Problems and Leave with REAL and 100% OBJECTIVE Solutions
Attend my LAST REAL TIME Trading Seminar this year

Join me for the most thorough, most complete, most professional,
most organized and most hand-on seminar
I have ever presented.
Not only will I show you what to do and how to do it
in real time on Monday.

How will this be different than a Webinar? Why travel to spend 3 days with me?

  • Webinars are great money saving and teaching tools but nothing can replace the necessary
    and effective one on one interaction between traders and students and a teacher.
  • You can’t get the same level of excitement, emotional response and interaction to the moment
    as you can by really being there.
  • And we know HOW IMPORTANT it is to handle the emotions of trading.
    In addition you will get to ask me your private questions on breaks –
    and that’s very important since all traders have somewhat different needs, issues and concerns.
End the confusion...stop the “looks like”...get focus, clarity...
and RESULTS... build confidence and succeed