Saturday, July 23, 2011

ETF: Landmine or Lifeline?

ETF: Landmine or Lifeline?

How to Trade ETF's for Major Intermediate-Term Moves Webinar
Monday, 8 August 2011
3:00 - 4:30 PM PDT

This session will be recorded for ON DEMAND viewing.


The ETF Revolution (or Revulsion) has spawned an avalanche of vehicles all supposedly designed to "help" traders and investors profit.

Supposedly ETF's make things easier for you. How?

First of all they are often lower priced than some of the stocks or
futures they represent.

And second, they help you avoid having to pick and choose a specific
stock in a given industry group.
So if you want to buy gold, you can buy a gold ETF for bullion or a gold ETF
for the junior gold miners.
There's an ETF for almost anything you want to invest in, but are they any good? I made a bad mistake last year by buying an ETF that I thought would serve me well in natural gas.

I got burned.

I bought UNG, only to discover after it was losing a lot of money, that the ETF was limited in the size of natural gas contracts they could own, and therefore it would NOT MOVE with futures.

And that REALLY MADE ME !!!%&***%$$#!!!!!.

While ETF's can be a great help they can also hurt you badly.

Now, for the first time ever I will present my ETF research to you in a 90-minute webinar, covering the following topics:

• How to time entry and exit for Intermediate-Term ETF moves
• The ETF HYPE...the good..the bad and the lies...
• The underlying dangers of an ETF crash
• How to known WHICH of the many ETF's are right for the move you seek
• The right and wrong commodity ETF's
• A list of different ETF's for underlying commodity moves
• How to construct a DIVERSIFIED ETF portfolio
• My 10 BEST ETF picks for the coming inflationary moves
• Emerging market ETF's
• Lower priced and lower risk ETF's
• How to correctly navigate the ETF's quagmire
• How to take advantage of erratic price swings in ETF's and more.

Jake Bernstein