Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Trading Tips, Tricks and Tools Webinar

Beginning 4 December 2015
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM PT

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My BEST trading webinar series of the year!

Dear Trader:
After you’ve been trading for nearly half a century as I have, you realize that there are many
experiential aspects to trading which can only be learned through time, trial and error. I have had
those trials and tribulations thousands of times and through thousands of trades.  More often than not,
the best way to learn is from those who have lived through trials and tribulations, victories and successes.

There are many things I’ve picked up along the way that have helped me immeasurably in
my goals as a trader. In my new Webinar series, I will share many of them with you.

For the first time ever in a webinar series, I will teach you many tips and tricks and timing tools
I’ve picked up along the way. I will introduce several new timing triggers that I’ve been working
on and I will discuss with you, complete with examples, methods I’ve developed to get the most
out of each and every trade from start to finish!

During this three-session series, I will touch in detail on all of the areas below, sharing with you my
extensive experience in each of these important trading skills. Everything I will teach you applies to
stocks and futures and Forex.

Here is a partial list of topics:

Knowing when to bend the rules
Knowing when to not bend the rules
Making timing triggers work better: a few smart tricks (see the chart below)

3 Sessions: 90 Minutes Each

Each session of this new series will be 90 minutes long and jam-packed with specific examples, illustrations, and explanations. In cases where strategies are rule-based I will tell you the rules and show you the applications. In some cases, however, I only have my experience to support what I’m showing you and I will make absolutely clear when that is the case. Naturally, I strive for complete objectivity in everything I do, but I will certainly let you know when opinions and interpretation may be necessary.

All sessions will be recorded

If you can’t attend the live sessions, the recorded sessions will be available to you within 24 hours for on demand viewing at your leisure.
During the sessions I will be available for all questions and you can write me after the sessions
if you have questions or need further clarifications.

Have you ever wondered?

If you ever wondered what valuable information exists between the lines of what we do as traders,
then my new series will help you measurably. I believe that just a few of the tricks, tips, and tools you
will learn in the sessions will be transformative in your trading. Just one of my valuable suggestions
could help you vastly improve your profits and skills as a trader. Some of what I will show you,
you may already know. In such cases my observations may reinforce your knowledge or encourage
you to change what you’re doing. Some of my tips tricks and tools, however, may be completely new t
o you as well as immeasurably helpful.

Join me

So join me in this new series and learn from my vast and lengthy experience in the markets.
This could make all the difference in the world to you. And if it does, then I feel I will have accomplished
one of my goals as a provider of solid market education.

If you have questions please write me:

See you at the webinar!