Thursday, November 5, 2015

Jake Bernstein | 2016 Annual Forecast

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and critically important FORECAST
Learn what the markets hold in store.

JAKE BERNSTEIN | 2016 Annual Forecast
Presented SUNDAY, 15 November 2015
3-Hour Webinar 2:00-5:00 PM PT

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Get ready for the massive volatility that could shake
worldwide economies to the core of their foundations!

Dear Trader / Investor:

Central banks throughout the world have continued to print more and more fiat money as
their preferred method of avoiding financial catastrophe. The odds of serious inflation grow
every second, It’s only a question of time before most world economies find themselves
in the jaws of potentially crippling inflation, but few experts believe them!

Based on my solid research, patterns, cycles, timing, and economic history, I believe that
in 2016 many markets which are currently out-of-favor have the potential to begin huge moves
to the upside. Among some of the markets that could begin explosive moves upward in 2016
are copper, precious metals, energies, and – believe it or not – some of the currencies
vs. the US Dollar!

You need to ask yourself why insiders are currently accumulating large long positions in markets
such as the European currency, Japanese yen, vs. US dollars, and some of the food and agricultural commodities.

My 2016 annual forecast will open your eyes to the big moves that are likely waiting us right around
the corner. Here are some of the specific opportunities I will alert you to in my 2016 forecast:

Long-term cycles forecast for every major futures market
Intermediate-term cycles forecast for every major futures market
Long-term cycles forecast for US stocks and Hang Seng
Intermediate term cycles forecast for US stocks and Hang Seng
Price and time projections for all major markets
Copper: the next big upside mover - why commercials are buying
Heavy insider buying in euro and yen: what does it mean?
Interest rates: the great gift comes to an end
Real estate forecast: the best is yet to come
Four energy stocks to buy now
Will lumber surge to new all-time highs in 2016?
The 6 best seasonal trades for 2016
How to prepare for the inevitable and unavoidable inflation
Will the grains finally explode? Is that starting now?
Clear and powerful signals now being generated by the COT
Coffee explodes as predicted: what’s next?
Crude oil: bargain of the decade?
The future of agricultural commodities
The social media bubble: why these stocks could collapse in 2016
Terrorism and the markets: what you need to know and do now
Specific support and resistance levels in all major markets
My inflation protection portfolio: an absolute must!
Trading bitcoin: yes or no?
My forecast for US farmland was totally right. What’s next?
HUGE profits coming in the yield curve spread? How to get on board
Record volatility awaits: how to harness and profit from it in 2016
Electronic trading security threats: how to protect yourself
And much more

You MUST Prepare for the Coming Economic Upheavals
Join me on Sunday, 15 November 2016 for my 2016 Annual Forecast Webinar, which
I believe will be the absolute best, most specific, and perhaps most controversial forecast
I have ever given. My goal as always is to educate, to facilitate profits, to protect assets, and to provide alternatives.


At my 2016 Annual Forecast Webinar, I will leave no stone unturned. I will give you my BEST
and most specific forecasts and I will back them up with charts, indicators, facts and cycles.

Join me for the a 3-hour eye-opening wakeup call

Join me for an unforgettable forecast that could well make the difference in your financial future,
whether you’re an investor, producer, trader or speculator. My work is solid, documented and revealing.
You may not agree with everything I say, but my history of accurate forecasts merits your attention and consideration.

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Best of Trading,