Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jake Brnstein | 2014 ANNUAL FORECAST

JAKE BERNSTEIN | 2014 Annual Forecast

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Sunday, 17 November 2013
3-Hour Webinar 3:00-6:00 PM PT

Get ready for inflation that could shake
economies worldwide
to the core of their foundations!

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On 11 December 2011 in my Annual Forecast for 2012, I gave many very specific forecasts. Not all of them have come true yet, but they are surely on their way.

Among these forecasts were the following:

  • Many commodities could hit or challenge all time highs in 2012 
  • Precious metals are likely to have a second surge up
  • European crisis will be resolved
  • Huge recovery in euro
  • Stocks will move higher
  • Market volatility will be unprecedented
  • Governments will continue to print fiat money
  • Growing odds of a cyber attack
  • Bull market will continue in real estate and home building stocks
  • Bull markets in meats, sugar and cocoa
  • Bull moves in natural gas stocks
And many more very specific forecasts were given at that time.

As central banks throughout the world continue to print more and more fiat money as their preferred method of avoiding financial catastrophe, the odds of serious inflation increase with every second.

It is now just a question of time before most world economies find themselves
in the vise grips of potentially crippling inflation.

You MUST Prepare NOW for the Coming Economic Upheavals

Join me on Sunday, 17 November 2013 for my 2014 Annual Forecast Webinar,
whichI believe will be the absolute best, most specific, and perhaps most controversial forecast I have ever given. My goal as always is to educate and
facilitate profits, protection, and to clarify alternatives.


At my 2014 Annual Forecast Webinar I will leave no stone unturned.
I will give you my BEST and most specific forecasts and I will back them up
with charts, indicators, facts and cycles. Here are just a few of the eye opening detailed topics I will present:

  • Overview of markets, cycles, trends and projections including stocks,
    futures and Forex
  • Interest rate trends and forecasts – BIG CHANGE COMING – get ready!
  • Currency relationships and the growing currency wars
  • Growth of the “bit coin” and alternative underground currencies:
  • What it means to you
  • Grain and soybean forecast: CYCLES and COMMERCIALS foretell
    of explosive upside 
  • Has sugar finally exploded as predicted?
  • COFFEE: Sleeping giant ready to show its strength
  • Real Estate and US Farmland: My forecast was right. What’s next?
    Harness the power
  • Can US farmland double from current levels?
  • Copper: all time highs coming? I say yes…and I’ll show you why
  • Stocks...up…up…and away?
  • Is a social media and Internet bubble inevitable?
  • The biggest and best energy plays are still ahead of us…I’ll name a few
  • PRECIOUS METALS: The bull markets aren’t over yet...the evidence
  • Stock and commodity picks for 2014
  • Intermediate and long-term cycles in all active futures 
  • Is there a stock market pattern in years numbered “4”? 
  • INTEREST RATES: The end of the cheap borrowing era 
  • Meats destined to soar to new all time highs? 
  • The best emerging market plays 
  • Playing the interest rate yield curve spread 
  • Why the COT Commercials data is your best forecasting friend:
    SOLID evidence! 
  • My 6 best ETF commodity trades and timing 
  • And much more! 
Join me for a 3-hour eye-opening wakeup call!

Join me for an unforgettable forecast that could well make the difference in your financial future whether you’re an investor, producer, trader or speculator.
My work is solid, documented and revealing. You may not agree with everything
I say but my history of accurate forecasts merits your attention and consideration

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See you at the webinar!

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