Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trade Setups Revealed - a COMPLIMENTARY 1 Hour Webinar - Saturday, 25 FEBRUARY 2012

Trade Setups Revealed

You are invited to attend a COMPLIMENTARY 1 Hour Webinar
Saturday, 25 FEBRUARY 2012 - 4:30 - 5:30 PM (PST)

Dear Trader:

You are invited to attend a COMPLIMENTARY one hour Webinar on Saturday, 25 February 2012,
to see and learn how to use my NEW charts that SHOW YOU clearly and objectively
my 3 BEST SET-UPS for buy and sell signals in stocks, futures and Forex.

Now, at the click of a mouse you can see my set-ups without having to spend the time
and effort to find them on your own. What once took hours, now takes a few seconds -
just choose your market, either from our watch lists, or your own, and like magic you see
my signals highlighted on daily or weekly charts. is ENTRIELY SELF CONTAINED!

The only things you need are an Internet connection and an Internet browser.

This is what all of my students and loyal followers of my innovative trading set-ups
have been waiting for.

Mike Upson in New Zealand, and I will show you HOW to use our new service
to your clear advantage...and the training session of 100% FREE of CHARGE!

• SEE my Power Momentum Formula set-ups
• SEE my MAC channel setups for position and swing trades
• SEE my short term 8OC set-ups
• LEARN how to navigate your way through our innovative and time saving service
• SEE what's coming next to make you a better trader and investor
• ASK questions and get ANSWERS
• SEE how I use in my own trading
• SEE how to get set-ups on Forex, stocks on many international exchanges and futures
• LEARN HOW MY set-ups turn into buy and sell signals!


We can only accommodate a limited number of attendees...
so register now to reserve your spot.

Best of trading to you!

Jake Bernstein

...and please note that there IS A LIMIT to how many my webinar room can hold...
so do it now and avoid disappointment.