Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Las Vegas Real Estate Seminar - The Generational Opportunities in Real Estate

An Urgent Message from Jordan Wirsz

Today, we are at the beginning of the most opportunistic real estate market
we are likely to EVER seen in our lifetime. More wealth will be made than ever before.
For those who seize the opportunity, a lifetime of financial freedom awaits.

Those who have been destroyed by the financial collapse in the U.S. will be restored,
and those who were not demolished by the carnage will parlay their net-worth to new
and incredible heights. A lifestyle of enjoyment, relaxation, and profits...
Along with the adventure and pride of owning real estate. What more do you want?

Would you like:

1. DOUBLE digit cash-on-cash returns, 12%, 15%, even 18% or more?

2. HUGE appreciation potential, possibly even doubling your money in the next 5 to 7 years?

3. Are there tax benefits in owning real estate?

4. An investment in something that is tangible?

When I teach people how to invest in real estate, the successes
always have one thing in common...
They absorb information like a sponge!

Jordan Wirsz and Jake Bernstein are proud to bring you
their first ever real estate investment boot camp.

We have many reasons to believe that NOW is the beginning of what may be the
largest cyclical opportunity that we will see during our lives...truly the "generational"
opportunity of a lifetime.
The question is WHAT, WHEN, HOW and HOW MUCH.


-Residential market opportunities

-Buy & Rent for double digit returns or Fix & Flip for windfall profits
-Fundamental & technical buy triggers
-Finding the RIGHT opportunities
-Valuation analysis, profit & ROI analysis
-Maximizing profits & limiting risk
-Financing (Traditional, Alternative, & International)
-Finding the right team
-Avoiding costly mistakes
-Are there tax benefits & asset protection strategies ?

Day 1 BONUS:

-Gold SOARING and Interest Rates SKYROCKETING:
The forecast that makes real estate one of the best plays of the 21st century
Presented by Jake Bernstein


-The massive money making opportunities in Commercial real estate
-Pros & Cons of Office, Industrial, Retail, Hotel/Motel, Multi-family apartments, and land -Fundamental and technical setups and triggers to buy
-Where the big $$$ is made
-How to find high quality commercial real estate deals that OUTPERFORM average returns
-How to "add value" and achieve INCREDIBLE, STAGGERING profits
-How investing in land is sometimes the BEST, and sometimes the WORST investment,
how to know the difference and how to make it big
-Valuation techniques for all types of commercial real estate
-Commercial financing secrets
-Commercial leasing techniques that pay MASSIVE dividends
-Alternative assets: Tax liens, trust deed/mortgage investing, Funds/REITs, and more

*Optional* Day 3: Las Vegas Residential Real Estate Parade of Opportunities

Hosted and sponsored by Todd Buttwinick of Gavish Real Estate
-A full day tour of the Las Vegas valley, various areas, property types, and opportunities
-Get your "hands dirty" seeing exactly what one of the most affordable and
opportunistic markets has to offer
-Get on the spot analysis and commentary by Jordan Wirsz on each property throughout the day

***Only 40 spots available for the 3rd day!

2 Day Real Estate Boot camp - $495

2 Day Boot Camp - + 3rd day Property Parade Tour - $569

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