Sunday, January 15, 2012


Dear Trader,

Why this Webinar and Why NOW?
With the number of mutual clients that Jordan and I share in Australia,
it’s impossible for us to ignore the issue any longer…
Jordan Wirsz, a highly regarded real estate expert has a lot to say
about the Australian real estate market. If you are an owner of Australian real estate,
or if you’re thinking of buying anytime soon, this is one webinar you can’t afford to miss.
Jordan is going to spend a full hour and a half addressing the Australian real estate market,
his BOLD predictions, and what the micro and macro forces are that are making
the Aussie market a topic of conversation for real estate investors around the world.
He will also show you highly technical indications that support his predictions.
If you’re listening to the news on TV, reading the newspapers, watching what the media and other
“so called” real estate “experts”are saying about the Australian real estate market,
you’re probably being misled.
Join us for this 90 minute presentation specifically and ONLY about the Australian real estate market.
Learn why NOW is the time to take action.

Although we wanted to make this webinar FREE because of our commitment to educate investors,
we opted to charge a nominal $89 for this webinar because the hard work and extraordinary preparation
that we put into this presentation. We also know that all too often hundreds of people who are not
seriously interested sign up for free events and make it difficult for serious investors
to get their questions answered.
This is a ONE TIME ONLY event and I do NOT plan to do this again in the future.
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