Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gold soars as predicted...what's next?

On 8 August of this year and on numerous occasions
BEFORE the recent SURGE I advised you to BUY gold, and indeed
all precious metals, in preparation for an explosive rally.

I gave SPECIFIC buy recommendations in STOCKS and FUTURES.
I predicted a new all time high in gold.

There is no doubt that the forecasts were correct!

But what's next?

Can gold run to $1500 on this rally?

I recommended palladium and it has soared. Is $800 the next target?

Can silver run to $25 on this rally?
Will platinum rally to $2500 on this rally?

Does the surge in gold forecast MASSIVE INFLATION?

What to do now?


on Monday, 20 September 2010

Here's what I will discuss at this VERY TIMELY webinar:

  • Where will gold go?
  • Platinum: the next big move or fizzle?
  • Palladium outlook - new all time highs coming?
  • Is silver still the best "bang for the buck"?
  • Is it too late to buy now?
  • What does the HUGE rally mean?
  • Is massive inflation imminent?
  • Does the rally in gold suggest an abandonment of paper currency?
  • Should you take some profits now?
  • Status of the precious metals cycles.
  • WHY have the precious metals exploded?
  • UPDATE on all the stocks I recommended
  • And much more

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Best of trading,