Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Daily Sentiment Index (DSI)

My list of DSI clients reads like a Who' s Who of professional traders,
hedge funds, banks, brokerage firms and even other financial analysts. Why?

Is the Small Trader ALWAYS Wrong?
The TRUTH about Market Sentiment
and Contrary Opinion...

The DSI and DSIE has become the standard in short-term market sentiment
for futures traders. Currently in use by top banks, money managers, brokerage firms, professional traders and speculators throughout the world, the DSI is used to spot and trade short-term market swings at extremes in small trader market sentiment.

The Daily Sentiment Index has shown itself to be a valid indicator of short-term market swings. Since DSI is not derived from price it is distinctly different than the vast majority of indicators currently being used by traders.

DSI clients currently include some of the top money managers, traders, financial institutions and speculators throughout the world.

DSI data is available within one hour of market closings. It is supplied as a report, data file or recorded message.
It can be delivered by FAX, data download (FTP) and/or Internet.
The DSI is also available on Genesis Trade Navigator® and MetaStock®.

The entire historical data base (from 1987 to present in US markets) is available for research purposes and accompanies all subscriptions.