Monday, March 29, 2010

8 O/C Trade Filtering Method

08 April, 2010 5:PM - 6:30 PDT

At long last, a new and effective confirming trigger for my 8 O/C filtering method. It is a rare event that I invite another trader to present a webinar with me, when I do it is only because I believe that individual has a piece of research, and/or a timing indicator, that is worthwhile either as a stand-alone method or as a filter for one of my methods.

Christian Helmut, a trader in Spain, as well as one of my past mentoring students, has developed what I believe is an excellent filter for my short-term 8 open/close timing trigger. The filter can be used on daily, weekly or intraday data as well as on tick charts. I am very impressed with what Christian has done, and I have invited him to join me in teaching the new filter in a 90min webinar. We will present the entire method in detail with all rules and crystal clear examples in numerous time frames. I believe that you will find the entire method to be very effective when used with my profit maximizing strategy and I thank Christian for bringing it to me.

The 8 O/C Filtering webinar includes:
• A new Open/Close filter method
• Rules of application and implementation
• Examples on daily charts
• Examples on weekly charts
• Examples on intraday charts
• Using the method with Tick Charts
• Implementing the profit maximizing strategy
• Summary and overview