Monday, February 1, 2010

Seasonal Traders Bible 2010 Edition

My Best of the Best Seasonal Trades Become a better trader in 2010 with access to hundreds of trades. Unleash the power of Jake Bernstein's Seasonal Trader's Bible, covering all active commodity futures markets including spreads & stock index futures with over 200 High Odds Seasonal Trades at 75% historical accuracy or higher! My Seasonal Traders Bible is a preferred traders resource for over a decade! The result of intensive research based on over 40+ years of market experience. The Seasonal Trader's Bible 2010 provides hundreds of the absolute best Seasonal Trades ever!

Unleash the power of Seasonals with the Seasonal Traders Bible:
• My best Seasonal Trades for the entire year, month by month
• All trades 75% or more correct
• Also available: Spreads and Stock modules
• Historical statistics for every trade
• About 200 trades for each month
• Complete history trade by trade for all years
• Based on my original innovative solid seasonal research
• Instructions for use included
• Weekly seasonal composite charts
• “Hit and Run” very short term seasonals
• My 'Best of the Best' Seasonal Trades in Stocks (add on module)
• Over 200 trades in all with a New Seasonal Calendar
All delivered in Adobe PDF to save money, paper & time!