Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Profit Maximizing Strategies 2

Presenting 2-1/2 hours dedicated exclusively to the ever present need to Maximize Profits and Minimize Losses. Illustrating logical, sensible, simple and intelligent methods to minimize risk and to maximize profits in short-term, intermediate-term and long-term trading in futures, Forex and stocks. Highly specific, logical and rational strategies designed to work with virtually any trading approach.

Here is a list of what I'll teach in this important Webinar:
• How to find the right stop loss for every trade
• Knowing how much risk is too much risk for your account
• How to maximize profits & How to minimize losses
• Five (5) Specific profit maximizing strategies
• How and when to use the parabolic trailing stop procedure
• When to trade large positions or small positions
• When, why and how to protect profits with options
• How to avoid over-weighting in a given sector or sectors
• Are LEAPS (long-term options) your best bet for weekly signals?
• Using the 10-day ATR as a guide to risk and reward
• Effective use of ETF's: when, where and why?
• Catching the big moves with multiple positions
• Specific guidelines for the new trader
• How to choose the best of several alternatives
• What markets to trade, what markets to avoid and why
• Finding and trading "trendy" markets and more!